How To Get More Voice Commands In PUBG Mobile

In early 2018, PUBG Mobile version was introduced to Android and iOS devices. For those who are totally new to this game, the first thing you should know is that PUBG is all about surviving and killing enemies until no one is left as there can only be one winner.

In PUBG, voice commands are a very significant part of the game as they help you to communicate with your teammates without using your mic. Suppose, there are some issues with your mic and you are not able to communicate with your teammates using your voice. For such situations use of quick chat, voice commands can be a way to success.


By default, there are very few voice commands available for you to use during the game. If you want to add more voice commands in PUBG Mobile then you have to tweak some settings which are no bummer. So, the question is how to add more voice commands in PUBG? It’s really simple and won’t take more than a minute to understand the notion. Simply, follow the steps given below to change existing voice commands or to add more commands in PUBG.

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How To Get More Voice Commands In PUBG Mobile?

To Add More voice commands or replace the existing commands with newer ones:

STEP 1: Launch the PUBG Mobile Application on your phone. Once it is launched, Click on “INVENTORY”.

How To Get More Voice Commands In PUBG Mobile

STEP 2: Now Go to “EQUIPMENT BOX”(Refer to the above Screenshot). Now select “MESSAGE ICON”(You will see voice commands on the Left-hand side of your screen).How To Get More Voice Commands In PUBG Mobile

STEP 3: Now Here you can add and remove different voice commands. To remove default voice simply press Minus(-).

To add a voice command,  select a voice command from the right side where there are many samples given and then press plus button(+).

STEP 4: Select “OK” to save changes.

Once the settings are saved, you can enjoy the benefits of newly added quick voice chat commands.


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