How to Get Old Age Filter; Download Popular Old Age Filter Everyone is Using

Everyone is curious to know what they will look like when they get old. Some envisage themselves with a beard, while some wonder what color would look good on my hair! Well, all your wishes will be granted, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Snapchat has lenses and Instagram has filters which basically just put a layer on top of your photo to produce the desired effect. Doesn’t matter how good or bad your camera is, these lenses and filters are only good for a few photos humans can obviously make out that it is fake.

Internet is on fire with a new ‘age-old-effect filter’ but no, neither Instagram or Snapchat has produced those results. The filter that I am talking about isn’t just any filter, it is a whole new application with similar features. You can take a look at your younger-self, the old you or a hipster you! The app I am (and the Globe) referring to is the FaceApp – AI Face Editor. It has been on Play Store for a while now but as it’s the Internet’s job to make a few things famous out of the blue, the FaceApp is currently in its spotlight now.

So what is all the fuss about people getting older? Your social media feeds might be barraged with your friends looking older and it is so convincing that you actually wonder whether Back to the Future scenario is happening with you. Well, as it turns out, it is just an application that can give you a good makeup look, or grow you a beard. If you too want to jump on the bandwagon of looking older, younger or being a Hollywood actor/actress, dive into this tutorial as we will explain to you how to use all the filters and give a little information about the application.

How to Get Old Age Filter; Popular Old Age filter

Step 1: Download the application from the Google Play Store if you have an Android device or from the Apple Store if you use an iPhone.

How to Get Old Age Filter

Step 2: Launch the app on your respective phones. You can either choose Gallery to apply the effect on your existing photos or tap on the Camera icon to click a new one. Both options will require permissions. We suggest you apply the effects on a new capture.

You can also select the demos if you’d like to check out all the features if PRO version is out of the question.

Step 3: Click on the camera icon and you will see the camera interface which will tell you to ‘Find a Face.’ You can also use your smartphone’s rear camera.

How to Get Old Age Filter

Step 4: You can now try on various face filters at the bottom of your screen. Click on Editor at the bottom of your screen.

How to Get Old Age Filter

Step 5: Click on any effect and tap on Apply. You can also save the picture in your gallery. You can tinker with the effect with the small button above the effects.

Step 6: You can also create a collage of different looks with the help of a ‘Layout’ feature.

Step 7: Click on the + button to add more styles.

How to Get Old Age Filter

Step 8: You can create an unusual layout by mixing 2 or more styles.

How to Get Old Age Filter

Step 9: If you get bored (I did!), there’s another option. It’s called Celebrities. Tap on it.

Step 10: You can either choose from the list given below or type a name of any celebrities you wish to see.

Keep in mind that the features that you are using are on a trial basis. To use the PRO features, you’ll have to purchase either a monthly subscription, an annual subscription or a lifetime purchase if you want to keep doing it for a… lifetime!


The application is fun for the times when you have got nothing to do or show your friends how they would look when they’ll get old. The AI used by the app is spot on. The fake beard looks real along with all the other filters. If you do really enjoy the app, then, by all means, purchase the subscription or else it is a complete waste of money.

How to Get Old Age Filter/Old Man Filter; Download The Popular Old Age Filter App Everyone is Using


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