How To Have A Successful Podcast

In today’s technological age, more and more people are creating podcasts to get their message out. Many people use podcasts as a source of revenue. According to a recent study by Edison Research in 2014, all the time that people spend listening to audio, 1.7 of this time was listening to podcasts. If you are thinking about starting a podcast, you should know how to have a successful podcast. Below are 5 important tips that you should follow.

How To Have A Successful Podcast

1. Determine Your Mission

Before starting your podcast, you need to come up with a mission or a premise of the podcast. This needs to be something that you feel passionate about. If you are creating a podcast just to create a podcast, you aren’t going to have too many listeners. Your passion will show through during your podcasts, which is what will bring in listeners. When you have determined your clear mission, the hardest part is behind you.

2. Come Up With a Clever Name

The next step in starting a successful podcast is to come up with a good name. The name needs to be something that is relevant to the show’s topic but it is also catchy or clever. If you can come up with something that is clever or ironic, it will show your listeners that your podcast will have personality. To come up with a name, hold a brainstorming session. Write down all of the ideas, both good and bad. This will let you see everything on paper so that you can choose the best name. If you are struggling with a name, don’t let it hold you back. If you wait to come up with the perfect name, you could be waiting a long time. It is best to choose the best name so that you can move on with your podcast.

3. Secure Interesting People To Interview

Before your first broadcast, you are going to need to schedule people to interview. A one-man show usually isn’t a good idea. It is better to conduct in-person interviews. Not only will an in-person interview provide better sound quality, it will also make the person being interviewed feel more comfortable. When choosing the person you are planning to interview, make sure that they have some sort of experience regarding the basis of your show. They don’t need to be an expert, but they should have something to offer. If your guest doesn’t have much to say, there is no point in having them there at all. Your guests don’t need to be local or national celebrities. As long as they have some knowledge and experience regarding your topic, they should be able to participate in the conversation. When it comes to choosing guests, personality is key. Your guest could be a leading expert on the topic of that day’s podcast, however, if they don’t have personality, your listeners will tune out. At the end of the day, personality trumps expertise.

4. High-Quality Audio Is Key

If your podcast is mentioned on the list of iTunes New and Noteworthy podcasts, it is huge. Not only will it get your name out there, it will increase your number of listeners and your number of downloads. It is a huge honor to get your podcast’s name on this list. One way to be sure that you will never get your podcast’s name on this list is to create a podcast with poor audio quality. Audio quality is one of the factors that iTunes looks for so you will want to make sure that you have the top podcasting equipment. While the content of the show is important, you need to make sure that it sounds good. First, you should be a master at editing. Also, just because your podcast is a talk show, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add some music. Adding fun musical interludes throughout each episode will give it some personality.

5. Search Engine Optimization

It is a good idea to optimize your content for search engines. This is especially when the content relates to the name of the guest that you will be featuring on your podcast. This isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference early on, however, it will help a lot in the long term. The more exposure you get overtime, the better your chances are of attracting sponsors.

6. Attract Sponsors

When your podcast gets off the ground and you have loyal listeners and regular downloads, it is time to attract sponsors. This is the way to start earning revenue for all of your hard work. The way this works is that the sponsors pay you for your podcasts and in exchange, you mention their products or services a few times during your show. Unless you are a celebrity, you are going to need to prove yourself and show that your podcast is a success before you are able to attract sponsors who are willing to pay.

7. Dedication Is Key

Unless you are willing to be 100 percent dedicated, your podcast is not going to be a success. If you are airing your podcasts very sporadically, you aren’t going to be able to get dedicated listeners. If someone likes your podcast, they are going to want to hear more. If you don’t deliver, they will find another podcast on a similar topic or that is delivering a similar message. If you are going to get listeners and hold onto them, you are going to need to air a podcast regularly. If you are dedicated and air your podcasts regularly, it should start taking off. When this happens, you can get sponsored and start earning some money.

There is much more that goes into creating a successful podcast than many people think. Each of the tips listed above is important if you are going to bring in loyal and dedicated listeners. The only way to have a successful podcast is to put your all into everything that you do. If you slack on just one of the important aspects, your listeners will see this and your podcast will be considered sub-par. If you know how to have a successful podcast, the sky is the limit.

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