How To Hide Last Seen On WhatsApp

Remember the time when SMS messages were such a huge thing! Everyone was stuck to their mobile phones in doing continuously messaging to their friends. While even though the time has changed now, but people are still stuck to their smartphones for the very same reason. And that is messages! But with the growing era, the medium of messages has changed a lot. And one such messaging platform that has surely brought revolution in the chit-chatting world is WhatsApp! But even though WhatsApp has simplified the way you communicate with your near and dear ones. It sometimes sure create a problematic situation when you don’t want to show how long you were on WhatsApp. As isn’t it awkward when there is a message laying on your WhatsApp screen to which you don’t want to respond and its sender checks your last screen and exactly know you are avoiding them? Well, it sure is awkward! And this all happens because your last seen is visible to each one of your contacts.

But what exactly is last seen? Well, it is like a timestamp which tells other users that till which time you were last online on WhatsApp. And if you are gone for days, then it will mention your exact date too. But isn’t it an invasion of your privacy that everyone can see till which time you were online? It sure is for a vast number of people! But don’t worry if you find this feature annoying then you can turn it off anytime soon. But how can you hide your last seen on WhatsApp? Simple, by reading the detailed steps mentioned below.

How To Hide Last Seen On WhatsApp

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp:

  1. First, launch WhatsApp and go to your chat screen.
  2. Next, tap on the three vertical dots from the top right corner.
  3. Click on “Settings”. Once clicked you will then see a number of options.
  4. Now, tap on “Account” and the next screen will show.
  5. After that tap on “Privacy” and next, you will see the “Who can see my profile info” option.
  6. Go to the first “Last Seen” option and tap on it. You will get three options, Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. So, to hide your last seen, tap on “Nobody”. And just like that, now your last seen will not be visible to anyone.

The option of Everyone means that your last seen will be visible to every person even if they are not in your contact list. My contacts is an option which will display your last seen only to your only contacts. And Nobody is an option that keeps your last seen private or hidden, which means no WhatsApp user can view it.

Note: If you hide the last seen on your WhatsApp, then you will not be able to see the last seen of your other WhatsApp contacts too.

So, above are the steps through which one can hide their last seen on WhatsApp without any hassle. But although this feature is not much of a headache for a number of users. But for significant other it sure is. So, don’t compromise any more just follow the steps and keep your privacy more secure.

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