How to Hide your Files on Windows 10

Hidden folders have been a part of Windows for years now yet the ability to hide our important files has not been focused upon in of the updates. But there are some workarounds for every aspect of Windows OS and we’ll show you how to hide your files on Windows 10.

How to Hide your Files on Windows 10

Method 1: Properties

This option is the first thing anyone can think of. It’s easy and we’ve been doing it since Windows 7. Navigate to the folder you’d want to hide. Right-click on the folder and select properties. Select Hide and then click on Apply > OK.

Method 2: File Explorer

There’s another way by which you can easily hide a specific folder in your file explorer. Open file explorer and go to the View tab. Select the folder you want to hide. Click on Hide selected items on the ribbon you’ll see that the folder is not visible now. Click on Hidden items to view which files are hidden by you. If you want to unhide the folder, click on Hidden items and press Alt + Enter on the folder and check Hidden option (The option should no longer have a tick mark sign once you’ve made the files visible again)

Method 3: Command Prompt

Command Prompt can also be used to hide your files in Windows 10. Fire up Start and search for Command Prompt. Type the following in the Command Prompt:

attrib +s +h “C:\Users\Saurabh\Pictures\Screenshots\Secret File”

Replace the path in quotes with the path of the folder you want to hide. Go to the main folder and you’ll see that the folder is no longer visible. If you click on the Hidden files check box, only then can you see the folder. Also remember, you can’t bring the hidden folder back through Properties and uncheck the Hidden files option. If the files are hidden by command prompt then you’ll have to unhide them from the command prompt. The command for that is:

attrib -s -h “C:\Users\Saurabh\Pictures\Screenshots\Secret File”

Keep in mind that you may be caught if some computer-geek is really behind those “top secret” files so take the aforementioned methods with a pinch of salt. Still, though, you can use this tutorial to hide your files on Windows 10.