How to Improve Cable Management in the Office

If like many offices, yours features a lot of cables, you’ll know just how frustrating they can be. Wired connections may be faster and more reliable, but they are also a lot messier and pose potential safety hazards. So, if you’re looking to improve office safety, while also making it more organized, here you’ll discover how to improve cable management.

Cover them up

One of the easiest ways to minimize the health and safety risks of cables in the office is to cover them up. If they absolutely need to run across the floor, you can purchase floor cable covers which will keep the cables secured down, minimizing the tripping risk. However, there’s still the possibility you could trip over the floor cover.

Therefore, it’s a much better idea to either hide them underneath the floor or run them up the walls and across the ceiling where possible.

Keep them organized

It’s not just tripping hazards you need to worry about, cables can also become easily tangled. This doesn’t just make it difficult to find the cables you need, but it can also potentially cause a fire hazard too. If anything goes wrong with your equipment, you could end up pulling out the wrong cables if they aren’t adequately organized.

There are a few ways you can keep your cables more organized. Firstly, using high-quality cable ties from a company such as RS, will help to secure and separate cables where required. You could also label the cables, so you know exactly where they lead and what they control.

Take advantage of useful accessories

You’ll find a lot of cable accessories on the market these days. From cable tidy bases to cable tidy units – there are so many different accessories to help keep cables safer and more organized. There’s something to suit all budgets too, as well as all office layouts.

An important tip is to avoid stapling cables to desks. Many employees do try and do this, but it poses a huge risk of electric shock, plus potential damage to the cable. So, never attempt to secure the cables with anything that isn’t a specific cable management tool.

Overall, keeping the cables neat and tidy in the office is crucial for safety purposes. The above are just some of the ways you can reduce the risks and improve cable safety within the office environment. Whatever your budget, there’s always something you can do to better manage your cables.

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