How to Install WordPress on Windows Using WampServer ( WAMP )

( Complete tutorial to Install WordPress on Windows Using WampServer )

No doubt, WordPress is the best Content Management System ( CMS ) and is open source software that is entirely free to use. WordPress now powers more than 26% of the Internet. It is very easy to create your Website with WordPress in no time, even if you have zero coding knowledge. Thousands of free Plugins and Themes are there to help you build a unique Website. You can also Install WordPress on Windows using WampServer if you want to try something new on your WordPress site or just want to learn Web development /designing.

Setting up a localhost is an excellent idea especially when you are a WordPress beginner or developer. Most of the developers and designers install WordPress on their Windows computer to test their Projects and to speed up the whole development process. A Normal user can also setup local server environment to test plugins and themes or to make changes to the current website before it goes live. In this post, I will show you How to Install WordPress on Windows Using WampServer.

What is WampServer ???


WampServer refers to a web development environment for Microsoft Windows ( operating system). It is an open source project created by Romain Bourdon. After installing WampServer on your Windows computer, you can create web Applications with Apache2 Web server, PHP programming language, and a MySQL database.

A localhost install is very secure and changes made are visible to you only. Thus having a localhost environment is surely an excellent idea. You can also install WordPress using XAMPP on your Windows which is another way to run WordPress locally. I have installed WampServer ( WAMP ) on my PC for development & testing purpose and have become quite familiar with it. That’s why I would recommend you all use WAMP.

Downloading and Installing WampServer

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and needs a web server to run. WampServer is ultimate solution ( that comes with pre-built server, PHP and MySQL support ) which allows you to create a localhost environment.

To download the WampServer you can go to official website There will be two versions ( 32 bit and 64 bit ), download the WampServer according to you Windows version. If you are not sure about your windows version better check it or simply download the 32 bit ( x86 ) version because it will work for both 64 bit and 32 bit computers.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Using WampServer

After downloading the WampServer, run the installation process. Installation process is very simple, you just have to follow the instructions given below.

Installation process :

  1. Click on the .exe file that you have downloaded.
  2. Allow the program to make changes on your computer ( select YES ) and then Select the language and press ok.
  3. Now accept the agreement and click on the NEXT option.
  4. Information window will appear, Press NEXT again after reading.
  5. Select the folder where you want to Install WampServer ( recommended – go with the default ).
  6. Press Install option.
  7. Wait and let the Installation get complete.                                                                                                                                                 install
  8. In the next screen, you will be asked to choose a browser that will be used by WampServer. Choose a browser and navigate to the directory where browser is installed and select the browser file.                                                                brwser
  9.  Now, you will be asked to choose a text editor. Assign the correct path where your text editor is located.
  10. Click finish and you are done with Installation part. finish

Creating a database to Install the WordPress

After the Installation is finished, you will be able to launch the WampServer via start menu. To install the WordPress, a database must be created. Creating a database isn’t a big deal, to do that follow the steps.

  • Launch the WampServer.
  • And Right Click on the WampServer icon in windows taskbar. php-my
  • Now, Click on the phpMyAdmin. It opens in new tab of the browser. php
  • Enter the default username as ” root ” and keep password area blank. Press Go.
  • In the next screen, Click on Databases in phpMyAdmin to create a new database for WordPress. Choose a name that you want for your database and then click on Create
  • Congratulations !!! You just created a database.

Download & Install WordPress on Windows Using WampServer

Download the latest version of WordPress from After downloading the zip file extract it using  winzip or any other software. Now copy WordPress folder and paste it to C:\wamp\www\folder. You can change the name from WordPress to any thing that you want.  You can see in the screenshot, i have kept it as WordPress


Open a browser and go to : http://localhost/Wordpress/

( Note : If you have renamed the WordPress folder then replace the WordPress in URL with the name you have assigned i.e. http://localhost/nameofthefolder )

You will see the Welcome message.



Now, Click on Let’s go! button. In the next screen, you will be asked to enter your database connection details. Fill the required details correctly. Your database name will be the name that you selected while creating a database. In may case the name of the database is “WordPress”.

Don’t forget that your default username is “root” and keep the password area blank. 



Click on the Submit button.

In the next screen, you will see a confirmation message that the configuration file has been created successfully. Now, You can move further and Run the install. Click on Run the install button.


Don’t Worry ! You are only step away. 

Next, Enter your details properly and click “Install WordPress.”





Installation process won’t take time. Once the Installation is complete, you will see a Success! message. Now, you can login to your WordPress by clicking on the Log In button and develop the stuffs.




Note : After installing WampServer please launch it and check whether WampServer icon is turning green or not? If it is not turning green, then make sure that you have installed the Microsoft Visual C++ libraries on your computer. WampServer won’t work without Microsoft Visual C++. If you have installed Microsoft Visual C++ and still getting some error, then go ahead and learn how to fix them.

“Fixing WampServer Errors”

FAQ – Why WampServer is not turning Green ?  how to Change Wamp Server Port ? 

1. Skype Error

You may get an error “localhost page can’t be found” while opening phpMyAdmin. Many times, this issue is caused by Skype. Skype and Apache both use same port i.e. Port 80. To resolve the Port 80 conflict error, you can either change the WampServer port or else can turn off this functionality within Skype.

If you don’t want Skype to use port 80 then follow the given steps :

  1. Open Skype.
  2.  Go to => Tools> Advanced> Connection. ggg
  3. Uncheck ( in the screenshot it’s checked ) the Use Port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections option.
  4. Click Save and restart the Skype.
  5. Done !!! Now, you will never have to disconnect the Skype to run Wamp.

There is one more easy fix for resolving this issue, you can start all services on WampServer before opening Skype or just quite the Skype and then use WampServer ( This is what i do ).

How to Change Wamp Server Port ? 

  • Launch WAMP.
  • Right Click on WampServer Icon.
  • Go to => Apache and click on “Use a port other than 80”


  • Enter the desired port number ( for example – 8080 or 80 ) and press ok.

2. HTTP Error 404

To solve Error 404, Follow the steps shown in the video.


To setup local server environment, WAMP is the best option. It is open source and completely free. WampServer will only help you test and develop locally. If you want other people to see your website, then you should have a domain name and hosting.

I hope that this post helped you Install WordPress on Windows using WampServer. Did you find this article helpful? Have any trouble setting up WampServer or installing WordPress? If you have then, please tell me about it in the comments below.

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Still facing problem ? If yes then here is a video tutorial :





  1. Thanks for the tutorial. On Windows 10 there is an issue with localhost not working. I googled the fix for 2 hours, here it is:
    You need to go to “Turn Windows Features on or off” > Internet Services > uncheck “World Wide Web Services” Restart your PC and it will be green.


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