How to Know My Jio Number

Don’t we all wistfully remember the times when we bought a new phone accompanied by a new SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card? We drowned in the excitement of a new device as in those days, buying a phone was a bit unusual. Unlike today, you didn’t have millions of applications to install on that paltry phone but just the feeling of a new device was enough to show off with to your friends. And speaking of today, the world has come so far as to actually pricing the handheld devices a mind-whopping $999. After purchasing and activating the SIM card, it hits us that we might not know our own number! That’s horrific, especially when you want to recharge your number for talk time and all that jazz. There are a lot of ways through which one can get to know their number. So, if you are a Jio user, we’ll tell you how to know your number.

How to Know My Jio Number?

Method 1 – SIM Card Pouch

This method is a no-brainer and applies only to people who are quite pedantic. When we get a new SIM card, it’s supplied to us in a small pocket-pouch which contains the number on top. If you somehow still possess that pouch, just click a photo of the top part and you now know your number. Jio subscribers who have lost the pouch can move on to the other methods.

How to Know My Jio Number

Method 2 – MyJio Application

This is the one stop solution for all your Jio problems. Download the MyJio App from the Google Play Store and launch it once it’s installed.

You can see that the main page has some crucial account details, such as your phone number, the active recharge and data plans, along with an option to check the usage of each pack.

Method 3 – Jio Call

Download the JioCall application from the Google Play Store. Launch the app. Click on the three vertical dots.

Now click on Settings.

How to Know My Jio Number

You will see that your number is displayed with a few settings to tweak.

Method 4 – SMS

The SMS method is more of an SOS in today’s time. So to know your Jio number, send an SMS “Jio <IMEI>” to 199. This is the code that will instantly find your Jio number.

The other SMS code is MYPLAN. Send it to 199. You’ll receive a message from Jio, albeit a detailed one.

How to Know My Jio Number

Method 5 – Customer Care 198

Open the dialer app on your smartphone and call on 198, Jio’s toll-free customer care. Tell the executive that you want to know your Jio mobile number. They will first authenticate your details and will then tell you your number.

How to Know My Jio Number

Method 6 – Calling

Well, this is the simplest method to check your Jio number, provided you have access to someone else’s phone. Dial a person’s number on your phone and call them. When the other person receives a call, you can jot down your number.

Try out all the above methods and you’ll surely know what your Jio number is. Keep in mind that your Jio mobile number is different from the Jio SIM number. It cannot be checked with a code or via an app as it’s printed on the SIM itself.


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