How to Link Spotify with Google Assistant

The past month has been chaotic for the music realm as the world’s two biggest music streaming services have officially launched in India – Spotify and YouTube Music. With stiff competition from other streaming apps like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Gaana, and JioSaavn, Spotify and YouTube Music have to catch the eye with their affordable plans and distinctive features. Yet, somehow, there was no Google integration for Spotify to be found. But Android being Android, there are other ways to get what you want so, here we are with a short tutorial on how to link your Spotify with Google Assistant.

  • Open Google Assitant by long pressing your home button (Android 5.0+) or just use the voice command OK Google.

How to Link Spotify with Google Assistant

  • Click on the Explore button which will further expand into Explore page. Search Spotify on the search bar.

How to Link Spotify with Google Assistant

  • Once the Spotify page opens, you will see an option ‘link’. Click on it.

How to Link Spotify with Google Assistant

  • Once you click on the link tab, a pop-up option will ask for a confirmation. Tap on the link tab

  • Once it’s done, Spotify will ask your permissions. Tap on ‘Agree’

Viola, you are good to go. During this process, I faced a bug which didn’t link my account in a single try so if you face the same issue, click on ‘link’ again and you’d finally be able to call up any song from Google Assistant via Spotify.

Do a test run and command Google Assistant to play any of your favorite songs.

It is a simple process but in my opinion, Google should have had opted for a simpler process. So, did you like this short tutorial? Let us know your experience with Spotify and this process in the comments below.

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