How to live stream on YouTube with OBS & Twitch

Games and its tutorials have inundated YouTube and many YouTubers are earning millions by just playing and live streaming games. YouTube’s move to discontinue its YouTube Gaming app has left people morose as there’s no option to stream their games live from their smartphones. There’s another method through which you can live stream your gaming skills but it’s a bit perplexing. If you want to use your Android smartphone, there’s an app called Twitch but it currently doesn’t support directing streaming from phones. So, we have a perfect workaround for you in this tutorial with the help of Open Broadcaster Software.

How to Live Stream on YouTube with OBS & Twitch


Step 1: Download the Twitch application from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Download the OBS Software for your PC. It lets you record or stream gameplay from your Mac, PC, or Linux system.

Step 3: Also, ensure you have a verified YouTube account that’s linked with a valid mobile number.

Step 4: Verify, login and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Go to YouTube Studio dashboard > Other features > Live Streaming.

Step 6: A number of options need to be taken care of. Use a good name, fill in the description box, choose a suitable category, use appropriate privacy settings, and latency options.

Step 7: Fidget around and get to know the stream. Set up preferences. Check YouTube’s Live streaming checklist for some tips.

Step 8: Go to Basic Tab > Encoder Setup and note down your Stream name/key”. Use the “Reveal” button to reveal it. Don’t reveal it, or someone else might pose as you and stream.

Step 9: Open the OBS software and head to Settings.

How to live stream on YouTube with OBS & Twitch

Step 10: Choose your frame rates, video resolution, and bit-rate in Videos and Output options.

Step 11: Head to the Stream Tab > Service > YouTube/YouTube Gaming.

How to live stream on YouTube with OBS & Twitch

Step 12: Paste your YouTube stream key in Stream key field. This will link your YouTube channel with the OBS.

Step 13: The next option is tricky. You’ll have to select a default audio option. Select Desktop audio device settings to enable in-game or desktop audio, which can be heard by the viewers. Select your microphone in the Mix/Auxillary Audio Device if you want the viewers to hear you.

Step 14: Click Apply > OK > Exit.

Step 15: If you want to stream a video from an external camera, tap on the Sources > + button > Video Capture Device. Select the camera from the list and choose the FPS and its quality. Click OK when done.

Step 16: If you have a Game Footage to stream, tap on Game Capture. Choose the FPS and its quality. Click OK when done.


As we’ve said, Twitch doesn’t natively support direct streaming, so we’ll be using USB debugging and OBS method here as well. Use this option only if you want to stream through your smartphone.

Step 1: Ensure Twitch is already installed on your smartphone.

Step 2: Head on to Settings > About Phone. Search for Build Number. Tap on it 7 times till you see a pop-up saying you’ve unlocked the developer options.

Step 3: Open Developer Options and toggle on USB Debugging.

Step 4: To make your phone screen visible on your PC, install Vysor. It is a dependable app. The app has a PRO version which offers more control and added functionality.

Step 5: Make sure your phone is connected to your PC. Now, you just need a working webcam and start streaming.

Enjoy streaming your games live for your followers. Hopefully, we removed the complexity for you to effortlessly use any of the two options. Tell us your gaming and live streaming experience in the comments below.


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