How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

We all adore the sleek and simple interface of iOS and had always thought of having one on our Android devices. The simplicity of the iOS operating system is what makes it popular and unusual. You might wonder sometimes that is it possible to make an Android Smartphone look like an iPhone. Then here you have the answer. With so many applications available out there on Google Play store, it is possible to make the interface on your Android look like an iPhone.

The best part of using an Android phone is that you can customize it according to your preference. That is why 87.5% of the population in the world runs Android on their smartphones. The only thing you need to have is a launcher on your Android device to make it look like an iPhone. Moreover, you don’t need to root your device or download any third-party apps to turn your Android into iOS. You just simply require to install some pertinent apps from the Play store.

So, read this article carefully to know about launchers that will help turn your Android device into the iPhone. As in this article, we are going to brief you about launchers, Let us first understand that what exactly a launcher is responsible for. A launcher accounts for the way you interact with the underlying Android operating system. ‘Phone X Launcher’ is one of the best apps on the Play Store that will make your Android phone look like an iOS device.

How to make Android look like an iPhone

Phone X Launcher is safe to use and will completely make you feel like you are using an iPhone. Download it for free! So, here are the steps of how to use a launcher:

1. Install Phone X Launcher from play store

How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

Go to the play store, search for Phone X Launcher and Install it.

2. Allow Phone X Launcher to access your device

How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

Enable your device to access files on your device

3. Enable Draw over other apps

How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

Permit Draw over other apps in order to make this application work properly.

4. Enable Notification Access

How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

This will manage and optimize notifications for all applications.

5. Selection of the best iOS wallpapers

How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

Select the wallpaper of your choice and you are done! Moreover, Phone X Launcher includes a swipe-down search bar, an iOS-style lock screen, a custom version of the iPhone’s Control Center, smart toggles for Wi-Fi and the flashlight.


With Phone X Launcher, you can at least experience the iOS design. This would be certainly perfect for those who prefer to have a simple interface like the iPhone. Moreover, Chrome will remain your default browser, the only change that you will observe is that it will be replaced with the Safari app icon. You can also transform wallpaper, swipe action, lock screen, app lock, scroll effect, dock, and iPhone X notch with Phone X Launcher.

So, What are you waiting for? Download Phone X Launcher or any other launcher of your choice and make your Android smartphone appear like an iOS device.