How To Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers On Android

One of the most popular messaging application WhatsApp has finally rolled out their new sticker feature for its chat platform. And we are in awe! As this feature has gained tremendous rage within a few days of its release. As earlier, the sticker feature was just for Beta users but now it is accessible for everyone to update. So, if your WhatsApp was flooded with the Diwali greeting stickers and you were unable to find them on your WhatsApp, you can now take back the revenge! But if you are not an internet-savvy and have no idea what this sticker feature is about, then stickers are similar to an emoji but in a larger to life form. You might have seen them on SnapChat, FaceBook, or even on Instagram, as no doubt, they are everywhere!

And the reason being stickers are a fun way to express your feelings without actually writing anything. So, they are flexible, great to use, and can add a cane spice to any dull or boring chats. And as stickers are widely loved, WhatsApp has finally decided to make their messaging platform more colorful and vibrant by adding 12 sticker packs for its users! But hey! who said these much stickers are enough to express your emotions? Well, no one! As WhatsApp has not only launched the sticker pack but has also allowed users to create their own customized stickers. But for doing so you need to download a third-party application which will help you to create WhatsApp stickers and through that, you can easily make your very own sticker pack!


But what is this secret application? And how to use it? Well, look nowhere else as by following the steps mentioned below you can create your own custom WhatsApp stickers on Andriod device without any hassle and for completely free.

Note: Before getting started, make sure your version of WhatsApp supports the sticker function. If not, then you have to update your WhatsApp to its latest version.

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How To Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers On Android

How to Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android:

  1. Install and open the Sticker maker for WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once the app is opened, tap on the “Create a new sticker pack” and enter the “Stickerpack name” along with the “Stickerpack author”. (This step is mandatory).
  3. Then, click on your sticker pack from the top. And you will see an empty screen with placeholders for the tray icon. Along with thirty stickers in one sticker pack.
  4. Tap on the “tray icon” and you will get two options, “Take photo” or “Select File”. If you opt for Take photo, then the app will ask for permissions to use your device’s camera. Or for the select file, you can easily choose any image from the storage of your device.
  5. Once you have either clicked the image or have chosen it from your device’s storage, then draw an outline for the area in the image that you want to keep as a sticker. Use your finger to draw the outline and pinch and zoom to enlarge the image for an accurate cut-out.
  6. After you are done editing, tap on “Yes, Save Sticker”, and add any number of stickers in the sticker pack with the same procedure. But remember, the maximum you can go is thirty, while the minimum is three. (If you are unsatisfied with the editing then tap on “No, Try Again” it will undo your past outline).
  7. Once done, tap on the “Publish Sticker Pack” button towards the lower right side of your screen.
  8. Then, you will get a prompt question that if you want to add the sticker pack to your WhatsApp, tap on “Add” and that’s it you can now send these stickers to your WhatsApp contacts by simply going in the emoji section and then selecting the sticker option.

Note: If you uninstalled the application then your custom sticker pack will get deleted from your WhatsApp.

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So, following are the steps through which you can create your personal custom WhatsApp sticker pack. You can either add any images from your gallery or the best part your own photo! And you don’t have to pay anything for this as the app is completely free to use. So, add more personalize effect in your WhatsApp chats and create amazing stickers with your imagination.

But before diving in the adorable sticker world, don’t forget to share this article on social media and mention your views in the comment box below.

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