How To Merge or Join Two Videos into One on Android

I remember getting all excited for Avengers: Endgame for like a year and when I finally got tickets to see this magnum opus on the first day, I wanted to make others jealous by uploading a video from the teaser of the movie’s extravaganza title but I couldn’t! I didn’t have any video editor installed on my phone and time was vanishing like half the universe in the Infinity War. I had to settle with the movie’s poster.

Like our heroes got a second chance, I too got another chance to see Endgame and I decided I’ll do whatever it takes to merge two clips from my favorite teasers. We’ve already covered the best video editing apps for Android so we won’t get into details, but InShot got the work done quickly. So, here’s a short tutorial on how to merge two videos into one.

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How To Merge or Join Two Videos into One on Android

Download InShot from the link below

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  • Open the app. You’ll find that no login is required, which makes it easy to edit videos pronto.
  • Click on the Video option.
  • You’ll be directed to a window which will show your most recent videos, but you can also view your default gallery app by tapping the three dots below.How To Merge or Join Two Videos into One on Android
  • Select any two videos of your choice. If you don’t want to view your gallery folders, you can simply long press on any thumbnail which will play the video.
  • Once the videos are selected, tap on the green circular option. You’ll then be taken to the app’s main UI, which of course deals with editing.
  • You get a plethora of options to customize the video. But first, you should watch the video in order to see if it starts and ends where you need it to. Click on the trim option to edit the start and end of the videos.
  • Once you’ve trimmed both the videos, come back to the main interface and watch the video to check if it the final output you want. The slider is amazing as it slides frame by frame but it’ll take a bit of time to get used to it.How To Merge or Join Two Videos into One on Android
  • While the first video had black bars in it, the second video didn’t. So I simply went to the background option and select a black icon, which equalized both the videos.
  • Once you are done exploring the multiple tabs, click on the grey tick button. It will take you to the saving window.
  • Keep Draft is checked by default, which means whenever you open the app, you can right away edit this project, provided main files are still intact.
  • Tap on save and you’ll be directed to a new page.
  • You have to select the quality in which the video should be exported. The size of every option is given next to it.
  • I selected 720p because of its smaller footprint.How To Merge or Join Two Videos into One on Android
  • You’ll see that the video is converting, with the percentage of the processing video.

The merged video is embedded below. I’ve merged Endgame’s ‘Overpower’ and ‘To the End’ teasers.

The app is quite easy to navigate and gives you a ton of options to enhance your videos. As you’ve noticed, InShot has a lot of ads which can be terminated by purchasing a pro version but it will cost you ₹1,950. What do you think of this app? Let us know in the comments section below.


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