How to open Zip Files on Android

With smartphones, we can search for anything over the internet. We download multiple files from the internet most of which are zipped. In order to unzip these files, we need a file format that can help us to do the same. Before learning about how to open Zip files on our Android devices, let us first understand how can zipping files make our work easier. We zip our files to reduce their size and to transfer them faster. Compressing files will help you to save space on your phone. You can open zip files on your Android device by simply downloading the AndroZip Free File Manager app from the play store. Let us begin to know more about how to open zip files on Android.

Steps to open Zip files on Android:

Step 1

How to open Zip Files on Android

Go to play store and search for ‘Winzip‘. Install Winzip and after that, allow Winzip to access your files.

Step 2

How to open Zip Files on AndroidOnce the installation is completed, open Winzip. Over there you will see some dots, when you reach the end, click on ‘Start’.

Step 3

How to open Zip Files on AndroidNow you will see a list of Storage folders on your phone where you will see a folder for SD card and internal storage.

Step 4

How to open Zip Files on Android

Browse through the folders, once you get the file, it’s content will appear on the screen. However, you will have to enter the encryption password if your files are encrypted.

Step 5

How to open Zip Files on Android


Now to select all files in the ZIP, click on the square present at the top-right corner which will ultimately add checkmarks to every file.

Step 6

How to open Zip Files on Android

Then, tap on the icon present at the left of the square box at the top of the screen.

Step 7

How to open Zip Files on Android

In order to store the files on your Android device, you will have to select a folder. Now, you can easily access your files from the file manager. Moreover, you can also set a password to protect your zipped files.

You can also use RAR, Zipper, iZip to open and create Zip files on your Android device. These applications will help you to compress your files. With these apps, you can directly connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to zip and unzip your files.