How To Order On Swiggy

Food is considered a basic necessity and thus it is imperative that we treat our body like a temple. But when we experience sudden hunger pangs, we grab whatever first comes in our fist without paying much attention to what are we consuming or how many calories the food has. Maybe you forgot your tiffin on the way to school, college or workplace. You can’t just share a full lunchbox with others. Enter online restaurants! Nowadays, it’s completely fine to order food online and you are spoilt for choices. But today, we will cover a major food delivery app that set some trends – Swiggy.

With ‘no minimum order policy’ and constant new offers, Swiggy has leapfrogged its rival apps. It now rules the realm of the most used food delivery app. Foodies get a wide spectrum of culinary to choose from. Is it your cheat day? Hop onto the ride to McD or Burger King! Missing South? Order a crispy hot dosa from various udipis. Or going through normal hunger pangs? Do not worry as Swiggy will take care of your taste. Follow a quick tutorial given below to satiate your hunger.

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How To Order On Swiggy

How To Order On Swiggy:

  • Connect to a WiFi and turn on location from the notifications panel so that Swiggy will quickly identify your location.
  • Open Swiggy.
  • Don’t get confused with the myriad of names floating around. Create an account by signing in with your phone number or existing Google ID.
  • Once OTP and location are confirmed, save your current place in Swiggy (if it’s a frequently visited place such as home, work, brother’s home, etc.)
  • If you won’t ever come to your current location again, don’t bother saving. Instead, go to the top left corner with the words ‘NOW.’ This will display your current location. Accurately set it.
  • Now, you will see a lot of options, like a lot, really. But here are three segments at the bottom bar you should aim for – Nearby, Explore and Swiggy POP.
    • Nearby is the default app view which is a melting pot of cuisines. Scroll down till you find something you like, say for example Gelato or The J. Select any option you like. And start adding that food in the cart by selecting the green ADD button. Once you add an item/items, you’ll be automatically greeted by the total amount to be paid. (Payment will be explained later.)
    • Explore is a search option for restaurants and food. You can either search for a restaurant you know or your favorite dishes.
    • Swiggy POP is an overtly simple tab which lets you select quick meals. You can simply order just one food item (you can add more than 1 as well).
  • The top right corner houses ‘Offers’ section which will take you to a list of restaurants that are offering discounted food item. Browse and add the food.
  • Once you finalize your meal, go to cart. Check your order. If you want to dismiss something from your cart, just click the little minus sign.
  • Select APPLY COUPON which will get you exciting coupon codes, instantaneously reducing your total amount.
  • Now select PROCEED TO PAY. This is a crucial option.
  • You will again see a ton of payment options like Debit Card, UPI ID, and Cash.
  • If you possess a debit or credit card, simply fill in the details, enter the OTP and you are done.
  • If you can’t select any other method, select PAY WITH CASH and you have successfully ordered your food.
  • You will keep getting updates about your food in the notification panel, through SMS or email.
  • Make sure the food delivered has a seal in red color, which means the food was packed in transit and wasn’t tampered with.

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These were the simple steps through which you can order food from Swiggy. Keep a track of the coupons section as it’s frequently updated with new coupons. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let us know in the comments below.