How To Perform A Cell Phone Lookup By Number

Have you gotten an unknown call? Or perhaps your significant offer has been getting a great deal of text messages from unknown phone numbers (and you think they might be cheating or in some sort of trouble). While this can be frustrating, there are many ways to find out the owner of a phone number. And you can begin your hunt right now.

Yes, you can find out who someone is by searching their phone number.

However, finding the name that is attached to a cell phone number can be a daunting task. Often times, the ease of finding a name associated with a phone number all depends on the owner of the phone number’s amount of online activity (or digital footprint).

The easiest way to find the owner of a specific cell phone number is to search for the phone number online. As long as they have some sort of digital footprint, you should be able to access their information. Here are our favorite search methods.

Perform a Do a Reverse cell phone number lookup

I will give you this one important piece of advice right off the bat:

Doing a reverse phone lookup is the quickest, most reliable way to perform a cell phone lookup by number.

Reverse phone lookup websites such as National Cellular Directory specialize in people searching. Their database holds billions of records which can be scanned in less than a minute to see if there are any records of the phone number that you are searching.

Even better, National cellular Directory has a free Happy Hour where you can run free searches daily. Unlike other reverse phone lookup websites, National cellular Directory allows any account holder (it’s also free to create an account) access to their daily Happy Hour.

Added Bonus: National Cellular Directory also saves all of your search results, it’s like having a free online phonebook at your disposal.

2. Use Facebook’s search bar

Most people are unaware that Facebook has a search bar feature that allows you to enter a phone number and find any profiles that are attached to that phone number. You can also enter a phone number to see if it was ever shared in a Facebook post.

For example:

Call 777-777-7777 and I will give you a free plumbing estimate!

You will be able to see who exactly posted their phone number or if someone else posted the phone number with the person’s name, such as:

My friend Betsey is having a party tonight! Call her if you want to come over! 123-456-7890!

This can work in some cases, but most people do not publically link their phone number to their Facebook page or share their personal phone number for obvious privacy reasons. However, it’s definitely worth a few seconds of your time to try if you have a Facebook account.

3. Search on Google (not recommended)

Google is the world’s largest search engine that is searched on trillions of times per year. (Yes, TRILLIONS). While Google can find almost anything, sometimes it takes awhile to find the information you are looking for, and it’s not always accurate.

Most of Google’s search results when you search the owner of a cell phone number will take you to a website that charges a hefty fee. Or, Google’s results will take you to a website that does not always have the most accurate answers.

Regardless, when searching on Google it’s either going to take time to find an accurate answer, you aren’t going to find any accurate answers or to find the solution it’s going to cost you a chunk of change.

If you choose to use Google to lookup a phone number be prepared to either spend time or money when trying to find the owner of a specific phone number,

4. Use a spam caller website

If you believe the number that is calling you as a spam caller, you can use a spam caller site such as 800Notes to lookup the phone number in question. This method is really good for when you think that the phone number who that is calling you is a spam call.

People who think that they have received a spam phone call will sometimes report a phone number to one or more spam caller websites so that other people can go on the website and see that this particular number has been spam calling other people. If a call has been reported several times as spam, that call is marked as unsafe.

This is a great method to confirm that the number that is calling you is indeed spam. Furthermore, once you confirm that the phone number is spam you can block the phone number from ever contacting you again. Most smartphones and cell phone service providers have a call blocking feature, if you aren’t sure you can simply get in touch with your cell phone service provider.

5. Use an alternative search engine

If Google isn’t working for you, or if you would prefer to use a more secure search engine, you can try an alternative search engine such as DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is preferred by many because it doesn’t track or store its user’s personal information. Therefore, you can search on DuckDuckGo search engine without having to worry about being tracked.

You can also try search engines that are more geared for searching a phone number, websites like National Cellular Directory are search engines designed for anyone to easily find the owner information on a cell phone number. There are a high volume of phone number search engines. However, National cellular Directory was the only free one with accurate information that we could find.

Final Thoughts

It’s always frustrating to receive a call from an unknown phone number. Well, you might be able to find out who called you by searching on the Internet, the most efficient and accurate way to find the owner of a cell phone number is to do a quick reverse phone lookup. Using a people search directory such as National cellular Directory that has access to billions of public records is the fastest way to find owner information on a cell phone number.

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