How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

Humans tend to focus more on memories rather than the current time. That is why manufacturers are making devices with cameras (yes, triple nowadays) that compete with the pro-level DSLRs. Photos mean a lot to us as they allow us to relive all the precious moments of the past. But, what if you wake up one day losing all of your photos from your Android smartphone? How will you recover your deleted photos? But in this fast pacing world, nothing is impossible. There are various efficient means that can help you recover your inestimable photos.

Photos have nowadays become so important that we always think of clicking a picture whenever we are out at our favorite place. And we definitely cherish them at a later point. They play an essential role in our lives as they help us recall all the feelings of our past. ”A picture is worth a thousand words” fits best when we talk about the significance of photos. Moreover, there are several applications available on the play store that will help you enhance the quality of your photos. And the best part about using these apps is that they won’t cause any harm to your device.

However, you should refuse using mobile until you don’t get the deleted photos back. We often delete some of our important photos by mistake while using our Android smartphone. You can definitely restore all of your erased photos as they still persist in the memory space. However, the photos will be lost if new data replaces the deleted photos as using your phone might overwrite the deleted pictures. So, in this article, we are going to brief you about different methods that will help you recover your deleted photos. We will be mentioning 5 productive methods that will help you to recover deleted photos from android.

How to recover deleted photos from Android

  • Recover deleted photos using Google photos
  • Recover Deleted Photos using DiskDigger
  • Retrieve Photos From Your SD Card
  • Recover deleted photos using the Gallery App

1. Recover deleted photos using Google photos

Retrieving photos from ‘google photos’ is indeed the simplest way to get back your deleted photos. Google photos automatically back up all your photos and videos. However, images and videos in the google photos in the bin will be removed after 60 days. Download Google photos here.

  • Go to google photos and select Bin from the sidebar.
  • Select the image that you wish to Restore.

How to recover deleted photos from Android

2. Recover Deleted Photos using DiskDigger

With DiskDigger, you can easily retrieve all of your deleted photos. It can be used for android devices that are rooted and not rooted. After installing this application, select Basic Scan if your phone is not rooted and Full Scan if your phone is rooted. Once the scanning is done, select the photos you want to retrieve by clicking on ‘Recover’. Moreover, you can save your deleted photos or files in three ways: upload them to an FTP server, save them on Custom Location on your device storage or save them to Email, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Download DiskDigger

3. Retrieve Photos From Your SD Card

If in case, you haven’t back up your photos to the cloud, you would probably have saved them to your phone’s SD card. You should immediately remove your memory card the moment you realize that your photos have been deleted. You can use EaseUS MobiSaver for Android that will help you recover deleted pictures from SD card easily. Following are the steps on how to recover lost photos from SD card.

  • Install the app and then select ‘SD card’
  • Then tap on the ‘Start Scan’ icon and start scanning for deleted photos and videos
  • Once Scanning is done, select files and click on ‘Recover’

4. Recover deleted photos using the Gallery App

Retrieving deleted photos from the gallery itself is the simplest way to get your photos back. In your gallery, you can find an option to recover lost photos. It depends on phone makers as what they choose to call it; Samsung calls it ‘Trash’ while others simply refer it to as the good old ‘Recycle Bin.’ Isn’t that amazing? If you can’t find any such option, check an upgrade for the particular app or download third-party gallery apps.

How to recover deleted photos from Android


It is always better to back up your precious photos. However, if you lose your photos by mistake then these methods will help you to get them back. So you are now aware of some of the best methods to recover your deleted photos. Now before deleting a particular photo from your gallery, you won’t think twice as you know to retrieve them back. Choose the method that suits you best and let us know in the comment section below about your opinion on this article.



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