How To Register Drones In India

Earlier this year in August, India’s new guidelines for remotely piloted aircraft or drone were announced. And now serving as a good news for a vast majority of people, the guidelines have finally come into action on 1st December 2018. So, for those of you, who don’t remember the guidelines, it aimed to bring foster technology and innovation in the development of drones. Making them legal and yet safe to fly. Now, coming to the main part, drone flyers can now take licenses for flying drones across the country! As per today, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has opened the registration process for users who want to operate drones. They have to do a one-time registration of their drones, pilots, and owners on the platform. Now, for this, the Government has made a website named Digital Sky that implements ‘no permission, no take-off’ (NPNT). So, here’s what you need to know about all the registration process of drones in India.

How To Register Drones In India

Classification of Drones(By Weight):

  • Nano Drones (less than 250 gms)
  • Micro-Drones (250 gm – 2 kg)
  • Small Drones (2kg – 25kg)
  • Medium Drones (25kg – 150kg)
  • Large Drones (over 150 kgs)

Drones to be Registered:

Now, before knowing how you can register drones, first check whether your drone needs registration or not. As when you visit the official Digital Sky website, you will notice a “Help Me Apply” option and besides that there will be an option to select the weight of your drone. Now, as per the New Drone Policy, Nano drones that weigh less than 250 grams need not be registered. So, when you enter, My drone is “under” 250 grams. You will get a message saying “Nano drones are currently exempt from registration, import licenses as well as NPNT compliance. You can fly your drone up to 50 ft and in enclosed premises, today!” But before flying do check the Do’s and Dont’s 

However, if your drone weighs over 250 grams i.e the microdrones, which weigh more than 250 grams up to 2 kg. Small drones, which weigh within 2 and 25 kg. The medium drones, which weigh up to 150 kg, and the large drones, which are over 150 kg. All need to be registered before flying.

So, when you tap on, My drone is “over” 250 grams, you will immediately get an option to select your profession, i.e Pilot, Operator, and Manufacturer. And accordingly, you will see all the rules and regulation on the screen before the registration process starts. So, do carefully read each one of them, it is highly mandatory.

Steps for Acquiring Unique Identification Number (UIN):

Now, if you own any of the above drones, you need to first get yourself a Unique Identification Number or UIN.

(Note: For a UIN, you need to have an address proof, a permit from the police and the department of telecom.)

  • After submitting the documents, you will get a UIN.
  • The UIN needs to be marked on a fire-proof plate.
  • Install the plate on your device, before flying the drone in the air.

Fees for Registration:

For getting your UIN, you will need to a pay a fee of Rs 1000. In case you are getting a fresh Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP), that costs a bit hefty at Rs 25,000, and in case you have to renew your UAOP, that will cost you Rs 10,000.

Where to Pay Fees for UIN and UAOP for a Drone?

If you are using the Digital Sky Platform, then you can do the payment using a digital gateway.

The Safe Airspace to fly a Drone:

As per the new regulations, the airspace is divided into three different zones.

1. Red Zone: Flying not permitted

2. Yellow Zone: Controlled airspace — permission required before flying

3. Green Zone: Uncontrolled airspace — automatic permission

No Drone Zones: Areas around airports, areas near the international borders, State Secretariat Complex in state capitals, strategic locations/vital and military installations.

As of now, drones are allowed to operate within visual line of sight, during daytime only, and up to a maximum altitude of 400 feet.

How To Register Drones In India:

Drone lovers can now get themselves registered at the Digital Sky Platform. The payments for Unmanned Aerial Operator’s Permit (UAOP) and Unique Identification Numbers (UIN) will be accepted through the Bharat Kosh ( portal.

  1. Go to the official Digital Sky website and tap on “Get Started”.
  2. Next, enter your Name/Company Name, email id and then your password.
  3. Once done, tap on the blue button of “Sign Up”.
  4. After that, check your email (the one you entered during registration) as you will get a verification link there, now tap on that link and click on “Apply For License”.
  5. Once done, you will see 4 profile option on your screen, Pilot Profile, Individual Operator Profile, Operator Profile, and Manufacturer Profile.
  6. Now, select the profile as per your preference and then you will be thoroughly guided with the on-screen details and procedures.

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