How To Remove Background From Any Image In Android

There come some special moments in life when you wish to stop the time and stay in that phase forever. But as everything comes to an end so is that special moment. And no matter how much we try we cannot hold it onto our hands it just slips and the only option we have is to visualize those moments again and again. But another convenient choice which is most common nowadays is to turn those moments into a beautiful image. As it is rightly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Because you don’t need to explain to someone the story behind a picture as the picture itself is capable of doing so.

Remove Background From Any Image In Android

And although every picture speaks its own unique story. But sometimes you just don’t get the luxury to click a picture perfect shot. Be it inferior lighting, dull frame, nosy background or just bad luck. All of this enters a frame and turn it into a disaster. But in this world of technology and smartphones, everything can turn from a nightmare to a beautiful day-dream. As there are many apps in the market which assist you to make your photos more visually appealing and eye-catchy. Because honestly, no one wants a memory to get stuck in a bad frame.

But if we talk about a bad frame, one of the main reason that makes an image look less appealing is it’s background. Background of an image particularly decides whether your shot will become a hit or miss. That is the reason why photographers concentrate on the background of an image before taking the shot. Not only photographers but almost everyone analyses the background first and then decide to take a shot. As it not only increases the charm in a photo but also give a mesmerizing touch of the view in which the photo was taken.

But honestly, always taking a photo in a classic background is just not everyone’s cup of tea. Because of which there are many people who wander around for so long just to take a perfect shot. But why to wander around in the search of a perfect background when you can yourself create one. Be it an unwanted person, an unusual object, or anything that bothers you from your picture background, you can easily remove them with these simple steps.

Steps to Remove Background From Any Image In Android:

  1. Download and install the app named as Background Eraser from the Play Store. ( this application is used for cutting pictures and for making a picture’s background transparent).
  2. After installing the app you will get 5 options –
  • How to use – where they teach you how to use the app
  • Troubleshooting – in this option they give solutions to your editing and saving problems
  • Report a problem, Ask – in this option your Gmail gets open where you can easily send a mail to the app company
  • Share – Easy image sharing options
  • Load a photo – This is the option you have been waiting for, in this, you can select any image from the gallery to edit it.

     3. After selecting the photo you want, remove and crop out the focused part as much as possible.

     4. And if you find any mistake you can always use the eraser to repair the image, or can choose from ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual’ to give your image the perfect background crop.

     5. After cropping the image until you are satisfied, click on the ‘Done’ option from the right-hand side corner at the top.

     6. You will then get the option to smooth out your background from level 0 to 5

     7. After getting the desired image simply click on the ‘Save’ option from the top and your new edited image will be saved with the background removed.

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