How To Repost Instagram Stories You’re Tagged In

Technology is evolving and our favorite photo-sharing app Instagram is no exception. As this Facebook-owned company has been adding tons of amazing features to improve their already popular application. From animated gifs to new face filters, from location tags to funny stickers, Instagram is sure leaving no stones unturned.

And the company has now decided to level up their game even more by adding a new feature to Instagram Stories. As Instagram Stories are great they are fun to make and equally delightful to watch. You can share your everyday life socially with your near and dear ones all through Instagram itself.

So, to upgrade this attractive feature and to ease the lives of its users, Instagram now allows sharing your friend’s story with no hassle. Which means from now on if a friend tags you in their Instagram Story, you can simply add it to your own with one tap. Isn’t it great? As from now even if you are too busy to live the moment and forgot to take a snap, you can still quickly reshare from your friend’s IG story to yours.

Note: To respect users privacy this update only works for public accounts and is available now as a part of Instagram version 48 on Android and iOS.

How To Repost Instagram Stories You're Tagged In

How to Repost Instagram Stories you’re tagged in:

The way these feature works is that when someone tags you in their Instagram story you get a notification via direct message. Now the only thing you need to do is to open the message and you will see a line mentioned: “Add This To Your Story”. Simply tap on that link and your friend’s story will get displayed on your Instagram story. You can now edit it if you want, add stickers or filters, resize or adjust its all on your preference. Once done simple tap on your “Your story” and the process will be done.

Note: Once you add the story your followers can see the original poster’s username, and they can tap it to see that person’s profile.

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So, with this simple steps, you can reshare someone’s story on your own Instagram story but only if the person has mentioned you. So, from now don’t worry if you forgot to click a picture, just reshare it directly from your friend’s story and never miss another moment. Although Instagram has not yet affiliated regram on their application itself, with so many new updates it is to see in future what more features Instagram has under their sleeves. So like this article, if you find this useful and stay tuned for more such updates.

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