How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung; 2 Best Methods

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung; 2 Best Methods

Photos prove to be a bridge way to be memories that often invoke emotions. It can include members of our family, friends, pets or even places. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, there isn’t a shortage of storage so clicking innumerable photos is likely ideal. But all hell breaks loose when we delete those photos. Mistakenly, that too. And it happens to every one of us. We all do a Google search on how to retrieve deleted Photos but there are hundreds of results and retrieving the deleted photos is a menace.

Thankfully, as a solution, tech giants like Apple and Google have robust cloud management system that gives a basic free plan for uploading photos and backups. What if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Well, they too offer a cloud-based solution.


Known as the Samsung Cloud, the service is available as an independent app. Galaxy users get 15GB free with the purchase of a new device. You don’t necessarily need the fancier flagship models, any phone with Android Nougat would do. The deleted photos go straight to the Cloud so there’s a way to retrieve deleted photos on your Samsung phone. Jump right in to find out.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

There are two methods to recover your deleted photos. The first one is Samsung’s own solution to save you the hassle of purchasing recovery tool apps. The second one is Google’s solution and an application on the Google Play Store. We will discuss these in detail below.

Method 1 – Samsung Cloud and Trash

In order to recover your deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy phones, your Samsung phone should be on Android 9 Nougat and above running the One UI. There’s a special

Step 1: Open the Gallery application on your Samsung smartphone.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

Step 2: Click on the three vertical dots for more options. Tap on Settings.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

Step 3: At the top, you will see a ‘Sync with Samsung Cloud.’ Click on it for more information.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

Step 4: You can easily manage your data by opening this option. To Sync, flick the toggle.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

Step 5: Go back a little. You will find an option in the same menu, known as ‘Trash.’ Flick the toggle. This keeps all your deleted media for a period of 15 days. Keep in mind that if you delete media from the Files app, the Cloud won’t retain those.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

Step 6: You can also access the Trash from the main Gallery options by tapping on the three vertical dots.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung


Step 7: You can see all the photos and videos you have deleted in the Trash option.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

The warning in the Trash says that all the media will be permanently deleted after a period of 15 days. If you didn’t turn this feature on, then you can check out the method 2 to retrieve deleted photos from your Samsung device.

As a precaution and just to be ready for the next time, make sure Samsung Cloud and Trash options are turned on. You can also choose to use apps like Google Photos and ES File Explorer File Manager.

Method 2 – Google Photos and ES File Explorer File Manager

Google Photos, the search giant’s photo-sharing app also doubles as a storage app. Photos that have been permanently deleted photos from your Samsung phone remain in the trash of Google Photos for 60 days. That’s double of what Samsung itself offers. You can restore Samsung deleted photos from the app’s Trash on your phone.

Coming to ES File Explorer File Manager, it helps you to manage your phone’s data. The photos and other files that have been deleted will go into its Recycle Bin which is tucked under Tools option. So, if you have mistakenly deleted the photos you took with a famous celebrity from any Samsung phone, you can restore them from the Recycle Bin.

A third option, if the above-outlined recovery of deleted photos doesn’t work for you, is using a photo recovery tool, which should be your last option.


How do you recover deleted pictures from a Samsung phone?

You can retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phones with the built-in Trash option. But for that, your phone needs to running One UI. You also take a look at Google Photos, ES File Explorer and a free recovery tool.

How do I recover permanently deleted photos from Android?

You can try using the ES File Explorer application which gives a user full control on managing files. Recovery tools also get the job done but you will have to pay for the best features.

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung S8?

You can use the Trash option if at all it was turned on. And as mentioned above, Google Photos and ES File Explorer are your best bet.

How do I retrieve photos from Samsung Cloud?

You can easily repossess your deleted photos from Samsung Cloud. If you turned on the Sync while setting up the device, all your photos will be backed up onto the cloud. Go to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Samsung Cloud > Gallery.


We don’t know when such things happen. So, the next time you are off to a drool-worthy vacation or just generally, make sure you take a backup. And as another backup, you can rely on Samsung’s Cloud option, Google Photos and ES File Manager for recovering your lost photos. Try everything and see which suits you the best. Trying all three at once seems like a crazy idea but it might just work.

Have you ever mistakenly deleted your photos and still regret not doing something about it? What did you try? Do you think these options are really helpful? Let us know in the comments section.

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