How To Save Other’s Tik Tok Videos In Gallery

Even though died a few months back. But the spirit of second-long videos is still alive in the new name of Tik Tok. As Tik Tok including carries the same features of just with a new branding and a whole lot of features. So if you are wondering what is Tik Tok? Then you might don’t use the internet very often. Because  Tik Tok a.k.a has taken the world on a storm.

It is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short music videos. And it has gained tremendous popularity among the youth worldwide. As with Tik Tok, anyone can express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. It is indeed a great platform for young content creators to showcase their talent in the world. And because of which a number of people try to recreate some popular videos by watching them again and again. But going on the person’s profile and to load that video everytime is a bit of hectic.

But there is one simple way to free yourself from this hassle. And that is to save/download other users Tik Tok videos in your gallery. So, here in this article, you will learn the most simple and quick way which will let you save other people’s Tik Tok videos.

Note: Before saving someone else’s video it is advisable to ask the person beforehand. So that it doesn’t cause any issues in the future.

Note: If someone has switched off the saving video option from their profile then it doesn’t work for them.

How To Save Other's Tik Tok Videos In Gallery

How To Save Other’s Tik Tok Videos In Gallery:

  1. Install and open the app Tik Tok – including
  2. Go to the video you want to save in your gallery.
  3. Click on the share option from right-hand side corner.
  4. If the person’s account is open for downloading then you will see “Save Video” option.
  5. Click on that option and wait till the video loads. And just like that your video will get saved in your gallery.

Note: This feature works in the latest Tik Tok update if your app is not updated then you won’t find the “Save Video” option in any profile.

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So, here is the most simple method to save other’s Tik Tok videos in your gallery which is indeed affiliated by the app itself. But if you are still facing any issues mention in the comment box below and like the post if it works for you.

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