How to save your child addiction for video games

In this world, technology is taking over each and everything and the same thing done by video games. Video games, no doubt, are the best way to kill your free time but getting addicted to them can be very dangerous for our kids.

Each day technology is developing more and more and So, is video games as the video games are getting more and more advanced it is creating a whole new generation of tech, or video game freaks not only they are taking over their mind, but they also are making them aggressive and impatient.

You might be sitting in the corner of your house watching your child playing games and feeling relaxed that at least he is away from bad and sexual content, but I am sorry to say that it’s not the truth actually. Games are getting violent as well as inapt for kids.

Why is it Important to handle your child’s addiction?

In a research “World Health Organization” (W.H.O) in 2018 declared that our young generation who are playing video games regularly and obsessively might be suffering from a mental condition termed as “Gaming Disorder” and can be very dangerous if actions are not taken properly. It was also proved that kids who are playing games often are actually getting less social and shy.

There are many several reports that have confirmed that playing Video games regularly can make a child mentally as well as physically ill. It can also cause strains and low vision problems in kids.

How to treat your child’s addiction to video games?

Now, even after knowing about your kid’s addiction, you still cannot take harsh action because your kid will never react to your bad or harsh actions. You have to follow a well-developed strategy before you start treating your kid’s addiction.

Now coming to our actions, we can also use technology to save our child without letting him know feels great right? So, let’s find out how we can we do that actually. 

There are many apps that promise to help you to control your child’s action. But I am going to talk about the best way you can do that.

FamiSafe: Parental control app

Famisafe is a great app developed for parents to track and restrict what their kids do online in a meaningful way. There are many apps that provide these services, but Famisafe takes it to the next level by giving many more useful features.

App blocker, Activity tracker, Location tracker, Web tracker, and many more features can be easily used by this app. This app can track your kid while he is in school, filter what your child can surf and easily keep him over its addiction.

Let me tell you about its cool one feature that even will tell you how often your child uses his mobile and what he does So, and you can actually find what actually he is addicted too and then you can manage it accordingly.

How to use FamiSafe

Even after tons of features still, FamiSafe feels very handy and easy to use follow the below steps for using the FamiSafe app.

Step 1. Install the FamiSafe application on both parents as well as a kid’s device.

Step 2. Select your phone as the parent’s device and child’s device as a kids device.

Step 3. fill up basic information like age, gender, etc. and you are ready to go.

Most Useful Features of FamiSafe App

  • Location Tracking: You can tract over where your kid is and how much time he spends there monthly.
  • App blocker: You can easily block and manage the apps which you don’t want your child to use.
  • Web content filtering: web filtering is very important because it is the worst place for your kid these days, where he can find things that may be inappropriate and bad for him.
  • Scheduling: This is the best feature from this app which allows parents to actually schedule the time in which kids cannot use their mobile like bedtime or college time.
  • YouTube video filtering: YouTube can be very bad for your kid’s mind; he might see the stuff that you never want him to see. By this feature, you can connect with your kids YouTube and watch what he is doing all day.

It is very important for parents like us to spend sufficient time with our kids and keep an eye on what actually there are doing in their free time to help them whenever they need us.


So that’s all with Famisafe and its uses. You can download this application and start monitoring your child in order to make sure that they are not addicted to it. Always feel free to use our contact us page for all your queries. If you want to get all the latest news to your mailbox, subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. Thanks a lot for reading.

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