How To Secure Android Phone Device in a Few Clicks

All the companies which have well-repute in the technological world such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have capacity and tactics to manage your cyber security. It might be possible that they all have better sources than the rest of all, but a user have to keep data within the android phone or in the cloud is safe. Having all the best possible modern techniques and well-known company’s assistance, you still need to get help through third-party companies which help you out your android phone device security assistance. There is no method which can be claimed as 100% secure, you have to apply some better methods to patch it up in order to repeat the cycle, but all of these efforts and techniques are very time-consuming.

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If you really want to secure your android phone device and you ready to secure all the data within your android device then you need to perform all those methods which are complex, if you think that someone is trying to get ingress within your android cell phone device. The potentially secure data is very difficult to breach, so it would be very difficult and tough job to get your android phone data.

how to secure android phone device

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First secure Look screen

Initially, you have to secure the look screen; it helps you out to secure the data of your android smartphone device. Let’s suppose that a user forgets the android phone on a desk and after some little time you realize that you have forgotten your phone, it would be not easy to breach the lock screen security by someone. Therefore, we would suggest you that lock screen security are the best method to limit the ingress within your android cell phone device.

First, lock the front door

If you are an employee and you are working in an organization and your company has given you an android phone with the BYOD policy that would be a better opportunity you have to fix a password on your android gadget. However, your IT department may give you a username and password to unlock the phone.

A method which helps out a user to lock its android device would be the best option, having a PIN which contains 6 digits would be very tough to bypass without getting ingress into self-destructive settings. Always remember that having a long password along with the random numbers is very difficult to break. Therefore, it is the high possibility that long passwords with random numbers are almost impossible to bypass until and unless right tactics and time-consuming stuff not applied.

Two-factor validity and encryption

An android phone user needs to make sure that the data and in the cloud with two-factor validity on the logins of your accounts. All the modern android smartphones devices are encrypted by default. One of the latest models of android phones such as 7.0 versions uses its files rapidly in order to get a sharp ingress and granular control. Your particular data might have another stage of protection to fortify. Don’t go to use anything which may compromise it. The all online accounts need to have well protective passwords which should be on random numbers and also with the two-factor validity. Always do remember that don’t for same passwords on all your usable websites, you should have knowledge about the password manager which help you out to remember all of your passwords.

Don’t go for unknown links

The best thing to do remember that don’t touch or tap on the links which are unknown for you. The people, who want to talk to you, usually send you email first, so you need to reply only to the email without using the DM of text message i9n order to make contact with them. Therefore, don’t dare to make click links most importantly you don’t trust.

Trust is the only key at any level

The problem does not lie in instability. Those videos which usually have malware, viruses and other things alike are the most dangerous for android phone. These things mostly cause the issues and upload the malware’s script on your android smartphone device.

Always install registered apps on Android cell phone

The very first thing is to remember that, always go for register application which is available on Google’s play store, other than don’t. It means that a user should always avoid from third party applications which don’t have a proper background or unknown to you. The apps which are available on Google’s play store can trust blindly. These apps are under the supervision of Google such as Facebook, Yahoo, TheOneSpy cell phone spy software, Line, YouTube and many others alike.

The basic reason behind not installing the third party applications within your android device is, it could compromise your private data within your android device at the time of the installation. Doesn’t ignore ever this postulate, otherwise, it will be greater chances that your particular android phone device get damaged or your private data available within the device may breach.  Most of the users purchase costly tech devices such as smartphone, tablets and android pads but don’t realize that these gadgets also be damaged when using it carelessly. So, all the android users who have devices need to use carefully.

So, it would be better and up to users to prevent from all third party apps which they have got from unknown sources in order to install on their phones. Let’s suppose that you have already installed the unknown full of malware apps on your android cell phone device other than Google’s play store, and then it is the time to verify all the applications which you have made a part of your android smartphone. When you got those particular unknown applications on your smartphone then get rid of from all the third party apps as soon as possible.

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If you are facing problems regarding the security of your android smartphone device, then tend towards upper mention tactics and rules. You will be able to secure your android phone and along with the data within your phone. So go for all the steps which we have suggested you and make your android cell phone more secure than ever before.


  1. smart choice, phone security is something we all should take more seriously than we do now, alot of malware and issues here and there, thanks for this headsup.. i only install apps that are recognized from play store.

  2. I always have the same passwords and I know it’s not a good idea, but it really makes it easier for me to remember only one… And I once clicked an unfamiliar link from my phone, it was a disaster. A virus destroyed much of my data. If I had read this post earlier, now I would have saved a lot of my nerves. 🙂

  3. Oh this is so helpful and timely! Just yesterday I actually installed a firewall on my android after Chrom notified me that a possible hack via facebook was suspected. I panicked and set such a long password I can’t remember it lol! Bookmarking this post. Thanks.

  4. Security on your phone is very important! I used to forget it all the time. But nowadays, you really should take care of it. This very helpful to improve my security. There are many ways to prevent problems. And I love learning about them.


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