How To Send Or View Your Android Text Messages Using Your Computer

The Internet never fails to surprise even the best of us. From controlling your PC from your phone, to live streaming videos, there is something you can do useful with the help of the net. Synchronization is another godly feature that saves our time, which lets us start something right from where we dropped it, on multiple devices. WhatsApp web has proved beneficial for people who constantly exchange messages and media, letting them continue the same conversations on different devices. What if you’d want to do the same for text messages? Such a frustrating scenario it would be to check your WhatsApp messages on the PC but to pick up your phone to view your texts.

Thanks to cross-platform sync, you can easily send or view your Android text messages using your computer. Scroll down for the latest How-to.

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How To Send Or View Your Android Text Messages Using Your Computer

Step 1: Download Messages by Android. If you’re installing this app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to change your default Messages app. Click on Yes.

Step 2: After making Messages your default browser, tap on the three dots and click on Messages for web.

Step 3: You’ll see an option to use a QR code to sync your devices.

Step 4: Open your PC and log on to Messages for web.

Step 5: The same option will be shown on Messages web as you see on your phone’s Messaging app.

Step 6: Hold your phone in front of your PC and scan the QR code.

Immediately after recognizing the code, PC will mirror the messages from your phone onto your PC.

Step 7: You can also use dark mode on both your devices. It will help lower the eye-strain.

Step 8: We tested the synchronization by sending a message from the PC, which soon reflected on the phone.

Step 9: You can view your archived chats on PC, send messages and lot more. Be aware, if you delete any messages from the PC’s web view, it’ll be deleted from your phone as well.

Step 10: If you have logged on to a PC that is not a trusted one, make sure you don’t select Remember this computer when you scan the QR code. If you’ve already selected it, go to More Option > Messages for web > sign out of all computers.

The last step is crucial as keeping your information logged to an untrusted computer can risk your privacy.


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