How To Share Videos On Instagram

Note- According to the recent update, App Has Been Rebranded As Tik Tok. app is all about having fun and going on with your inner creativity. It is a video social network app where the users can create a 15-second video of anything they want. No more recording video and adding sound to it later with different apps. As got you covered with all this and much more. And with the new update there is no looking back on creativity, as they have brought some amazing new effects and features. So, you just need to unleash your inside performer and display it to the world.

How To Share Videos On Instagram

And what best way to display your work other than sharing it. As sharing is the heart of every social media. So grab your best video and share it on Instagram. As Instagram itself is a very popular photo and video sharing social network. So if you are in a sharing mood and want to share your both public as well as private video on Instagram, then simply keep reading.

Two methods of sharing video on Instagram (feed and stories)

  • Sharing a public video
  • Sharing a private Musically video

1. Sharing a public video

Public are the videos which are set on display for everyone to watch over And they are generally the masterpiece of someone’s work. But how to display that masterpiece on Instagram? By simply following this easy steps:

  1. Select your video which you want to share.
  2. Click on the three dots from the right-hand side.
  3. Select “Instagram” and you will get two options – “Feed” or ” Stories”.
  4. Click on the option you prefer.
  5. The video will appear on your Instagram, edit it or post it originally according to your preference.

Note – Although you can opt out of this steps by saving your video in the gallery. But then you have to use another app to square fit its full display. Rather by this method, your video will automatically be fitted according to the Instagram size without any cropping.

2. Sharing a private Musically video

Private videos are the ones that are not on display for anyone except the original user of it. But to share those videos on Instagram without actually posting it on is a way too simple step.

  1. Select the private video.
  2. Click on the three dots from the right- hand side.
  3. Click on “Save locally”.
  4. Your video will appear in your gallery and you can then simply post it on Instagram.

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Note- In this method, you have to use a third party app(No crop Apps) to get the full display of your video before posting it on your Instagram feed, so that your video doesn’t get cropped.

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