How To Square Fit Videos On Instagram

Instagram is indeed a popular social networking site which provides an interesting photo and short-video sharing platform.  The platform is owned by Facebook and is loved by an enormous number of people worldwide. And the reason behind this popularity is that the app allows its users to share photos and videos which can be liked by other users from the world.

But throughout the year of Instagram’s existence, the app has seen many drastic changes. One of this change was the removal of a restriction to upload photos and videos only in square aspect ratio. Which means now the users can upload in landscape and portrait mode too. As earlier in 2005, the content uploaded on the platform was just in square aspect ratio.

But still, now there are many people who wish to upload their videos in square fit ratio. As it helps the video to be in full format without any cropping and unnecessary zooming. So, to tackle this situation there are a number of apps which can help you to post videos in square fit. And one such application is Inshot. This app not only helps to fit whole video on Instagram but it works just the same even for photos. Also, it is a great editing app with filters, tools and much more.

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How to square fit videos on Instagram:

How To Square Fit Videos On Instagram

  1. Install and open the app Inshot.
  2. Once the app is opened click on the option of Video.
  3. Your video gallery will be opened now. Select the video you want to fit in square ratio.
  4. Trim the video if you want and then select on the tick mark option from the right corner.
  5. Your video will be then loaded on the main page. Here you can edit the video according to your preference.
  6. Once your video is edited and ready click on “Blur BG” if you want the background of your square fit to be blurred. Or if you want colors then click on the “Background” option.
  7. And just like that your video will be ready in square fit ratio. Click on “Save” from the top right corner, select the quality.
  8. And then directly from the app upload your video on Instagram “story” or “post”.

Note: The watermark of the app can be removed for free by watching one ad per video.

Main Features of Inshot:

  1. Square fit videos for Instagram without losing quality.
  2. Video trimmer and video cutter.
  3. Video merger and video joiner.
  4. Video filters and effects.
  5. Video speed control.

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This is how you can post a widescreen video on your Instagram wall without any hassles. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Let us know if you need more help regarding uploading a full size video on Instagram.

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