How to Start a Blog That Will Bring You a Sustainable Income

Blogging is the new black. Again. More than 357 million blog accounts live on Tumblr today, not to speak of 69.5 million WordPress new posts generated monthly. For entrepreneurs, blogging helps to get 434% more indexed pages, 97% more links, and 67% more leads compared to businesses still thinking on how to start a blog and whether they need it at all.

Let’s say it like it is:

Despite most agree on blogging popularity and numerous benefits it brings, some still consider it more a hobby than a way to make money or a tool to change the world. And once you decide to become a blogger and monetize this practice, relatives and friends smile condescendingly and suggest you stay “realistic.” In their view, you need a degree and a steady job, not a blog to be successful and make a fortune. Sure, you are welcome to learn how to start a blog, but don’t count on it to earn anything. That’s silly.

Not up to much motivation, huh?

It’s high time to change that. It’s time to start a blog, whatever business or personal, that brings you an income. Sustainable, mind you.

How to Start a Blog That Will Bring You a Sustainable Income

How to Start a Blog That Will Bring You a Sustainable Income

Captain Obvious is here, but you need a blog itself before you start getting income from it. Good news is, we live in 2018 when you and I can go online, find dozens of stellar guides from experts, and launch our blogs with no technical experience or money in the pocket. My favourites are:

Before you go and learn the details, do the following: decide on your short- and long-term goals, get a host and a domain name for your blog, install a blogging platform, choose a theme for it, and think of plug-ins as well as opt-in forms you might need to collect subscribers and analyze how well your blog works. And finally, start developing a marketing plan you will use to engage people and convert them into leads afterwards.

And now, for the most interesting part:

It’s not enough to know how to start a blog. Once you launch it, you want it to bring you money. The problem? The process of blog monetization seems simple on the surface, but the pitfalls of each step require time and extraordinary skills to overcome.

But keep calm: you can do that!

First of all, remember these four don’ts for your blog to succeed:

  • Don’t expect to start a blog and make money quickly. It’s a long-term process, far from passive. You will have to work a lot, but it’s worth it.
  • Don’t consider a blog the source of your income. Successful entrepreneurs see it as a basement to build brand awareness, engagement, and trust that will help them convert followers/subscribers into leads.
  • Don’t copy other bloggers. Some myths on plagiarism are still vivid, but don’t go for them! With millions of same-looking blogs online, users will hardly need another one. Be different, be creative, and do your best to stand out.
  • Don’t start a blog to make money. I mean, don’t make income your primary objective to blog. Instead, write about what you love, share content that motivates and inspires, and let the money come organically.

I bet you heard of Rosanna Pansino, baker and vlogger with the YouTube channel bringing her $2.5 million per year. Or Jeff Goins, writer and entrepreneur who quit his job to do what he loved most and made six figures from it. Why not join them to share your passion and help people? The power of blogging is more than money, after all: it’s a weapon to influence minds, shape opinions, solve problems, and do this world a little better.

Do you agree?

Yet, your passion itself is not enough to manage a blog that brings income on a regular basis. Keep on reading to find out what else you need to make money blogging.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Nothing can inspire and motivate you to start a blog that brings money than the story of Jon Morrow! Today, his blog makes $100k per month without any ads or e-books/physical products for sale. Magic, right?


It took Jon about five years to earn his first dollar. But, let’s face it, it was worth it. Those in writing and digital marketing who haven’t heard of his Smart Blogger, you are welcome to cast the first stone in me! His story speaks volumes for blogging being as hard to manage as any other business, so if you want to succeed and make money from it – get ready to work like a horse, overcome the fear of failure, and learn from mistakes.

Jon shares simple yet the only effective steps to follow for making money from a blog. In a nutshell, it’s about “giving away your expertise and knowledge in the hopes of attracting customers and then gaining their trust.” In steps, you set up a blog, write compelling content, convert visitors into subscribers, nurture them by sending them content that builds trust, and, finally, sell them products/services they want.

How blog makes money

As clear as day, right?

Not quite.

Below are some recommendations that will help you get a better idea of how to start a blog and make money faster.

1) Find your niche. In the case of business blogs, you know it already. When thinking of a personal blog, ask yourself: what is your passion? Have you found it? Are you ready to share it with others, writing about it on a regular basis? Once you start a blog to make money from it, this passion will stop being your hobby. Think carefully: are you ready to turn your passion into a business? Another aspect to consider: blog about your passion only if you have a unique perspective; that will help to attract people and build trust.

2) Understand who is your reader. What’s the point to learn how to start a blog and make money if you don’t know who will be reading your blog? Before you start writing, define your ideal reader: sex, age, geography, profession, interests, worries. The more details you know, the easier it will be to engage the audience.

3) Be original and honest. Be yourself! With so many blogs available, big chances are someone writes on your topic already. No worries! What you need to do is answer the question: why is your blog different? It needs to be authentic, and people should feel you are honest with them. Be yourself, tell your story, share your perspective and creativity with the world.

4) Research. The content of your blog should be helpful to solve readers’ problems and add value to their lives. It’s the only way to attract people and keep them coming back to your blog. So, spend time on research and create data-driven, compelling blog posts. Visitors won’t spend time on reading balderdash.

5) Find your voice and tone! No need to write texts full of gobbledygook; instead, talk to readers as if they are your friends: it will make blog posts feel more urgent, real, and alive. Every brand has its voice and tone to send a message to consumers, so make sure you have that, too.

6) Go social. Blogging is great, but consider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social networks to connect with your audience and promote your content there.

7) Keep it simple. Regardless of its niche, your blog needs to be beautiful, motivational and inspiring. No need to place numerous ads and widgets there, make it user-friendly and pleasant to the eye: banners, pop-ups, ad blocks through content are not a good idea to turn visitors into followers. Remove anything from your blog that doesn’t add value to your audience.

Conclusion: what’s best about blogging?

Whether business or personal, your content can change somebody’s life. Use this chance to help people and make their lives a bit better: inspire them, motivate them, teach them, and care about them when deciding on what to write on a blog – and your platform will bring you a sustainable income naturally.

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You’ll do what you love. You’ll enjoy it because you’ll know it adds value to someone’s life. And the best part: you’ll get paid for it! What couldn’t be better?


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