How To Take Incremental Backups Using WP Time Capsule (Comprehensive Guide)

There is always a question might surrounding over your mind that “How to take backups quickly and in a proper way?” I have laid out the best technique to take the backups of your WordPress Self-hosted Blog/Website.

You’re right here as I will also try to cover up its highly related theory slightly.

Here are the sub-topics which you’re going to learn from this comprehensive tutorial, Make sure to be sticky.. 😉

Reasons Why Backups Are Much Important
• Techniques/Methods To Take The Backups
• About ‘WP TIME CAPSULE’ Backup Plugin
• Why Choose WP Time Capsule
• Step By Step Guide on How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin. (with snapshots)
• Where WPTC Locate The Backups

No doubt, WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) in the web industry. There are many factors must need to be considered while running a WP Self-hosted blog.

Eventually, we must need to take care of each and everything, steps, essential parts, whatever it may be the Website’s SEO, Theming, Speed Optimization, SSL Certificate, Security/Protection, Backups and so on.

Taking Backups on a regular base is one of the most important aspects for every blog/website. Hate you if you do not take it seriously!

Here are the Main Four Reasons Why Backups Are Very Important For Any Website/Blog!

1. Sometimes it’s hard to resolve the issues which may cause by any of the plugins, theme, files, or some technical errors. Suppose that time if you don’t have any backups available for restoring process, You may lose your hours of hard work behind your respective contents and building your website.

2. Sometimes even hosting provider can not help you in some cases, What will you do in those circumstances?

3. On the other hand, If you’re taking backups regularly then you don’t need to worry when something went wrong with your website/blog.

4. It is worthy to restore a backup to get your contents and all the things as it was in the position before you got stuck in the technical issues & problems.

Top Techniques/Methods To Take The Website’s Backups.

1) Using Backup Plugins

2) Using FTP

3) Using Filezilla

4) Using Cpanel (File Manager)

5) Using phpMyAdmin

6) By Hosting Provider

(In this tutorial we’re going to use the 1st method as Using Plugins.)

Introduction to WP Time Capsule:

There is a laundry list of backup plugins available in the market, but the WPTC is just fantastic and blessed with incredible features.

WPTimeCapsule plugin is developed by the same developer team who has created InfiniteWP Client (Multiple WordPress site management solutions). WPTC provides automated incremental backups of your website which is pretty excellent feature absolutely for FREE!

It saves your backups as per your setup of the schedule to cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

It saves your valuable time and takes backups itself automatically. Not only that but it takes backups of only changed files, so it’s faster than ever! Great isn’t it?

The plugin takes a full backup of your site only first time after the installation process. Be patient! It may take some time to backup your entire website as it may have dozens of files, Database, etc.

Why Choose WP Time Capsule Plugin?

1. Incremental Backups:

The point here’s WPTC provides incremental backups of your website’s changed files & DB, So there’s no need to take a full backup every time which is a pretty excellent feature.

2. Off Site Backups:

Choose your favorable cloud storage from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 to store your website’s files and DB.

3. Consumes Less Space Storage:

Changes are dropped into your cloud apps, so It consumes low server memory usage.

4. Setup The Schedule and Get It Daily:

Schedule your backups once and WPTC will take the backups daily & it will send the changed files to your Cloud Storage.

5. Faster Restore:

Checks revision history and displays the same. You can restore the site to any point in time or restore specific files & DB.How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

(Restores specific files + DB or all changed files + DB)

Learn More About WPTC

Learn More

Here’s How Can You Setup and Use WP Time Capsule:

1. Create New Account

First of all visit the official website, you’ll be able to see the “Click Signup For Free” button.

How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

2. Enter Your Details

After clicking on signup, you’ll be able to see the form in which you have to fill the details like Name, Email, Password. Just fill the correct details and hit on “Create New Account.”

3. Verify Using Email

Once you have completed with signup process, you’ll receive an email on the same email address which you were used while creating the account. Just open it follow the onscreen instruction.

Setup WP Time Capsule Plugin:

1. Login to your WordPress site. And click on Plugins→Add New through your WP-Dashboard. Then adding new plugin page will be appeared.

How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

Search for “WPTC” and install and activate WP Time Capsule.

2. After installation and activation, log into the WP Time Capsule account which you had created in the first step.

How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

3. Select your favorable cloud storage app where WPTC will save the backups. And sign into your account to connect the apps.

How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

4. Now you have to schedule the time when you’d like to have backups (automated) Just select the time and a city which relevant to your time zone.

How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

5. Click the Include/Exclude. You can exclude your files/DB from your backup.

How to Take Backup Using WP Time Capsule Plugin

(You can exclude any file extensions from backups to save on time, like large media files then enter it here.)

6. Click Save and Continue to save your backup schedule.

Now you have to create your first backup:

Once you have completed with first-time entire site’s backup, then you can go to WP Time Capsule→Activity Log to view a complete log of every event that occurred during the backup.

How To Take Incremental Backups Using WP Time Capsule (Comprehensive Guide)

How To Restore Backup In WP Time Capsule Plugin?

This plugin creates daily backups and so that it creates restore point each day. It is used to restore a backup when your site gets hacked, or something happened wrong.

You can choose whatever you’d like to restore. Just click on the list icon to open the selection menu.

You can backup the changed files from the display appeared here.
And if you want to restore your entire website, you’ll need to choose your initial backup as a restore point.

How To Take Incremental Backups Using WP Time Capsule (Comprehensive Guide)

You can also restore selected files using “Restore Site to This Point” option from the first screen.

How To Take Incremental Backups Using WP Time Capsule (Comprehensive Guide)

Once you are completed with the selection process, then click Restore Selected.

(From this you can restore your backup every file that backed up that day.)

Just a pop-up will be displayed “Are you sure you want to restore your site ?” Click yes!

How To Take Incremental Backups Using WP Time Capsule (Comprehensive Guide)

After that, the process will get started. And after a couple of minutes, it will get completed! Now you’re done!

Where WPTC Saves The Backups?

WPTC itself creates an initial folder in the main directory of your cloud storage app which you’ve connected to WPTC for keeping the backups purpose. So it creates a folder named “WP Time Capsule” and also creates an additional folder called “YourDomainName,” and here it saves your backups.

Conclusion :

Thus, if you want your blog/site secured and safe, you should use “WP Time Capsule” as above given step by step guide to configure and setup WP Time Capsule Backup Plugin.

Which technique/method do you prefer to take backup on your website/blog? You can share your thoughts here in the comments section.

Feel free to ask your doubts if you have any; I would love to clear it out. Have you enjoyed reading? Please don’t forget to share it on social networks at Facebook or Twitter.

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    Thank you for stopping by, Glad you liked the review. Yeah it’s easy to take backups and we don’t need to do anything ! It’s time saving and excellent plugin.

    Incremental Backups are the future of backup solutions. WP Time Capsule is the best and FREE option for WordPress bloggers.


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