How to Take Notes on iPad

iPads are considered to be the holy amalgamation of a notebook, a pen, and technology. People who use iPad deem it as a perfect companion to jot down some quick thoughts or take some serious notes. With the new iPad Pro available to purchase, many think these are the devices that can juggle creativity, productivity, and fun while creating content. Business users appreciate its sheer mobility while students vouch for its versatility. Note taking is an easy task; that being said – it’s a task! With so many techniques and apps to choose from, it can get perplexing at the thought of opting for one best app to do it all. So, keep your pen and paper at home as we will guide you on how to take amazing notes on your shiny new iPad.

How to Take Notes on iPad

These methods include some basic options for which you don’t have to pay while some professional apps will require you to fork out your hard-earned cash. Find out what’s your sweet spot.

Method 1: Notes App

How to Take Notes on iPad

The default Notes app for iPad is a solid tool and an answer to all your note-taking problems. Some even refer it to as the iPad’s Evernote. Don’t make up your mind thinking Notes is just a simple app. You can add a table, scan documents, using external photos and videos. For those quick thoughts, there’s Quick Draw option to utilize more of your creativity. If you are the one who has a penchant for organization, you can make and sort the notes in folders for easy access. The good-old checklist option is also available to make that awfully long list for a quick supermarket tour. All the notes you create syncs with iCloud although people have complained fledgling support for Google Drive.

Method 2: Siri

How to Take Notes on iPad

Well, if there is a mention of iPads or iPhones, Siri ought to be broached somehow. The voice assistant can do your work for you (We still love you, Google Assistant!) if you are feeling lazy, or creatively lazy. with commands that don’t require for you to brandish your iPad always. While not much is mentioned about Siri for iPad, it does exist and we’ll tell you just how to use the voice assistant to take notes pronto.

Press the home button to demand the presence of Siri and command her one of the following:

Hey Siri, create a note

Hey Siri, create a note called Las Vegas Trip

Siri will ask you to fill the note and you can then start dictating the text. Once you are done, Siri will ask for your confirmation to the notes.

Another way is to speak the note text at the in tandem creating the note: – Hey Siri, note that I parked my car in Santacruz. Siri will right away create the note. You can also command Hey Siri, update my last note, or Hey Siri, show me my notes.

Method 3: Notability app

How to Take Notes on iPad

If the default apps/methods don’t suffice your note-taking needs and you are on a look-out for a great third-party application, then Notability by Ginger Labs is a notable app (ahem..) and a beefed-up version on the default Notes app. Although you’ll have to cough out $9.99 (₹697) without a trial, the app is the bang for your buck. We aren’t basing this on some random research, it has won many awards over the last few years. And simply because it’s feature rich. This is an advanced note-taking app for the hustling crowd of 2019 who want to take notes on-the-go, which supports annotation of pictures, shapes, etc. which come out precise.

If you are taking notes the regular way, you get the option of magnifying you notes, which comes in handy. Using this app, you’ll reminisce taking notes on an actual notepad. Notability lets you save your notes on Google Drive, Dropbox or even iCloud which will sync the list across all your ecosystem, so losing the data is not amongst your worries.

Method 4: Microsoft OneNote

How to Take Notes on iPad

Microsoft OneNote is your Holy Grail and the one stop shop for your note-taking needs. We applaud the firm for making it free and like Evernote, OneNote supports cross-platform sync so if you are taking notes on an Android smartphone, iPad or accessing your notes from a web browser, your creation will be right where you left it. Get started by creating a free Microsoft account. You get premium features like annotating (Pencil support), sharing your notebooks with the public, adding media (with no limit whatsoever). Take full advantage of this app to boost your productivity.

Method 5: Evernote

How to Take Notes on iPad

The name Evernote pops-up every time something about taking notes is brought up. It’s because it is preferred by 225 million users. This app masters the cross-platform support, as it supports many Apple devices, along with Android and Windows. The app can be used as a simple note-taking app or a notebook to cover an entire subject! You can draw, make a checklist or create documents for an annual general meeting. A feature most people like is the web clipping functionality, which lets you easily take clippings from a webpage you like. Searching the world of notes within this app won’t be an issue.

As mentioned earlier, using Evernote notwithstanding of the OS is eventful as you can access your notes from the iPad Pro, web browser, or Android. Even though the app is free, you are restricted to just 60MB media uploads per month so you’ll have to spend money ($7.99 per month) to use additional features like offline support, 10GB of uploads in a month, live chat support, etc.

The list does not end here but we gave you the options we thought could be the best ones. It’s on you to choose which satisfies your content creation hunger. We’ll be separately covering a list of note-taking applications that support annotations and to an extent, the Apple Pencil. Which app did you opt for? Did we miss any other methods or apps you’d like to see in a list? Let us know in the comments section below.