How to Take Screenshot in Samsung M31

Taking screenshots is one of the most useful features that nowadays come incorporated in almost all devices. The feature lets us capture any page with ease. You can either use your devices’ hardware keys or rely on some inbuilt ways to capture your screen.

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung M31

When talking about taking screenshots in Samsung M31, there are three simple ways to capture one. Keep reading and at the end of this article, you’ll get acquainted with the same. 


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Method 1: Using hardware keys

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung M31

Head to the page you want to capture the screenshot of. 

Press and release Volume down and power button simultaneously. 

The screen will flash and the screenshot will be captured.

Method 2: Using the Assistive Touch Menu

Go to Settings->Accessibility->Interaction and dexterity. 

Enable Assistant Menu.

Now on your screen, an assistive menu will appear.

Navigate to the page you want to capture a screenshot.

Click on the Assistant Menu icon.

Select the Screenshot button and you’ll have the page captured. 

Method 3: Using palm swipe gesture

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung M31

Go to Settings->Advanced Features->Motions and gestures.

Toggle the Palm swipe to capture on.

Open the page you want to capture the screenshot of.

Now place the edge of your palm on your devices’ screen.


Slide your palm across the screen and the screenshot will be captured. 


How can I take a screenshot in Samsung A31 without a power button?

Besides using Method 1 and 2 mentioned above, you can also capture a screenshot through your devices’ notification bar. Here’s how you can do it:

Head to the screen you want to capture.

Open the notification bar and select “Capture”.

Where is the screenshot toolbar?

Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Screenshots and screen recorder > Screenshot toolbar.


So this is How to Take Screenshot in Samsung M31. Now that you know how to capture a screenshot on your device, you can capture a page easily.


Which method are you going to use to take screenshots? Tell us in the comment section below.  

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