How to Tile Photos on Instagram

We keep on snapping beautiful pictures from our pro-grade cellphone cameras and would want to share it for the world to appreciate your view. But? Limitations everywhere. The fact that all Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook compress our media and upload a less-intense looking photo that makes it look a bit dull. Take Instagram, for instance. It has a pre-defined aspect-ratio which makes everyday photo uploads arduous. If you want to tile photos, there is no built-in functionality in Instagram and manually splitting your pictures may waste a lot of your time. So, we will give you a short tutorial on how to tile photos on Instagram using 9Cut Insta.

How to Tile Photos on Instagram

To Tile Photos on Instagram:

  • Download 9Cut Insta from the link given below.
  • Open the app and select a photo you’d like to give a tile shape.
  • The camera app can also be used.
  • Select a grid-type from 3*1, 3*2, 3*3, 3*4, 3*5.
  • Zoom or rotate your image.
  • Select the grids one by one.
  • Keep in mind to share the images with the first grid.
  • Share the image, save the image or directly upload it on Instagram.
Download 9Cut Insta

9Cut Insta is the best app to achieve the tile-look on Instagram. Do remember the steps and don’t constantly post such images as they may clog your followers’ feed.


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