How to Transfer Your Contacts from iPhone to Android

Technology is catching up fast but we aren’t. There are a lot of people in this world that don’t give a damn about it (I’m okay with that) but as tech is basically ubiquitous in 2019, right from smartwatches to smart-TVs, there are a few bits and pieces where we stumble and need assistance. Thanks to Google, there are answers for literally all your questions. And this makes it easy for people who don’t have much information about how the world wide web operates. A simple Google search will solve your incessant problems, which sometimes eludes professional help.

Switching phones nowadays is not a huge deal, unless you are super rich and buy new phones every year or so. When you switch phones, you are giving up the ecosystem you were accustomed to and thus, the need for backup arises.

Shifting from one Android smartphone to another is not a great deal. You basically just change manufacturers. But what if you are making a shift from an iPhone to an Android phone? Well, firstly, huge welcome. The transition can be a bit overwhelming at first but you are probably used to that. iOS and Android are like chalk and cheese and while the latter one isn’t all that difficult to navigate, the former one takes a bit getting used to.

You might have some serious questions. Right from the user interface to how you receive your notifications and so on. Don’t be perplexed. We will solve all your issues! But first, let us address the main reason why we use a phone in the first place – Calling. You might want to transfer your contacts first, before backup & restore process begins. There are myriad ways to transfer your precious contacts from your iPhone to an Android smartphone. The methods are smooth and wouldn’t take much of your valuable time. So, let us jump into the article.

How to Transfer your Contacts from iPhone to Android

You might need an internet connection, your iPhone & Android devices, and a personal computer. Make sure you have backed up your phone completely. Do not stop the transfer in between the process.

Method 1: iCloud

You saw this one coming, and kind of hoped as well, right? Well, iCloud is a great option for iOS users which houses a lot of features. To use this method, you should have iCloud enabled on your iPhone.

How to Transfer your Contacts from iPhone to Android

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iPhone and navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap on Accounts > iCloud. Click on it and flick the toggle for Contacts. Merge your device’s contacts with iCloud, as prompted by a pop-up

Step 2: After the completion of the process, go to iCloud on a computer and then login with your Apple ID.

Step 3: Select Contacts and tap on a gear-shaped icon and press ‘Select All.’ Click on the gear icon again and select ‘Export vCard.’

Step 4: Go to Gmail and tap on the Mail button. Now select Contacts.

Step 5: Click on More, select Import, tap on Choose file and click on the vCard file.

The export is in process. Here you can see the number of contacts that have been imported.

Method 2: Google Account

If you are shifting to an Android device, a Google account is mandatory to install devices and use their services. If not, set up a new account by going to Google. Select ‘Create account’ and follow the process. You can do it on your smartphone but the desktop gives you an effortless experience.

How to Transfer your Contacts from iPhone to Android

Step 1: After you have successfully created a Google account, launch the Settings menu on your iPhone and navigate to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars.’ Press Add Account, select Gmail and then enter your credentials.

Step 2: You will have to select what are the services you would like Google to sync. Ensure that Contacts is selected. Your Android and iPhone devices will start syncing contacts. The process depends on how many contacts you have. Also, the internet connection should be stable in order to complete the transfer.

Note: Your iPhone won’t notify you when the process is completed. You’ll have to manually check the progress on Google Contacts.

Method 3: Third-party App

Of course, third-party applications do exist to make your life simpler. And we have chosen an amazing app that won’t be a hassle to transfer your contacts.

How to Transfer your Contacts from iPhone to Android

Step 1: Download My Contacts Backup from the Apple Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the application and give the app permissions to access your contacts (Will be dubbed as MCBackup).

Step 3: Click on Backup and tap on e-mail.

Step 4: Now attach the VCF file in an e-mail and send it your Gmail ID.

Step 5: Now open the email on your Android smartphone and download the VCF file. Import the file into the contacts.

Method 4: Manual Transfer

Choose this option only if you have a few contacts or else the process will take longer than charging your iPhone (LOL). Launch Contacts on your iPhone and select the contact number you would like to transfer to an Android device. Swipe down to transfer the select few contacts with either a text or an email. That’s all. You can now download those contacts from your email onto your Android device.


There are a lot more ways through which contacts can be transferred but the above-outlined methods are the easiest and are hassle-free. We suggest you opt for a third-party application as it might reduce some extra steps you would have to go through in the methods 1 & 2. Also, as explicitly mentioned, do not go for the 3rd method if you are the popular boy/girl in the college; Transferring each contact would be an overkill and definitely archaic. Ensure that all of this is being done on your personal computer. Don’t risk losing contacts on a public PC.

Have you attempted to transfer contacts between iPhone and Android? How smooth was the process? And have we missed any other simpler method? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below and help us as well as other readers. Don’t forget to share this article with your clueless friends who have just migrated from iOS onto Android.


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