How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Swiftkey Keyboard

How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Swiftkey Keyboard

Back in the day’s everyone had used mobiles which don’t have the access of touch screen in them. Then in the time, no one would have thought that using your mobile by typing on its screen will actually be a thing. But with the development of technology came smartphones which actually made the life’s of people more smart and convenient.  And now with the growing phase, almost everyone has become an expert at tapping on the glass of their phones and tablets.

Talking about tapping on the screen, it has become more easy and quick with the help of inbuilt keyboards. But inbuilt keyboards necessarily don’t have customizable options within them. And although some of the people are still content with their inbuilt keyboards, there are many who likes to play with personalized keyboards. As with them, you get a whole different application with numerous features and functions. Be it colors, designs, or themes, third-party keyboards get you cover with all this and much more.


And one of the most popular of the lot is SwiftKey Keyboard. As Swiftkey Keyboard uses artificial intelligence to adjust its autocorrect function according to the user’s style. And also it can learn slang and emoji habits which gives you automatic predictions of emojis on the prediction bar. It is designed in such a way that it will improve your typing and accuracy, no matter what and how you type. As it has an advanced error correction which corrects your grammar and spelling errors in no time.

But as many smartphone users will agree that autocorrect sometimes do mangle your typing. It automatically replaces your typed word with their predicted word if they find any typing error. And although it is good in a sense to correct misspelled words. But it can be problematic when a user’s vocabulary or choice of words exceeds from the inbuilt dictionary of the keyboard. And at such times, it is completely advantageous to disable autocorrect function from the keyboard.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Swiftkey Keyboard

So below are the steps to turn off autocorrection from SwiftKey Keyboard:

  1. Open your SwiftKey Keyboard App.
  2. Tap ‘Typing’.
  3. Tap ‘Typing and Autocorrect’.
  4. Uncheck ‘Auto insert prediction’ or ‘Autocorrect’.

And with this simple four steps, your autocorrect will be disabled.



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