How To Type In Hindi Using An English Keyboard

Indians are utterly blessed when it comes to conversing, as 22 languages are officially spoken and there is a seamless connect with people from all over the nation. But today, due to the smartphones a fixture in our hands, communicating via writing is dwindling day by day. People exchange messages in either English or Hinglish (Hindi+English) or they entirely follow their mother tongue. Some set the language of their phone depending on the way they converse. Say, people hailing from Delhi might use English or Hindi as their phone language but typing in Hindi is cumbersome and still doesn’t support natively in Android. This short tutorial will aim to solve the problem of typing in Hindi.

How To Type In Hindi Using An English Keyboard

Gboard is Google’s answer to Swiftkey and multiple such rivals who have a lot of functionality but they lack the versatility when it comes to communicating. Thanks to constant updates, Gboard currently supports 500 languages across 40 writing systems. So get started by downloading this keyboard from the link given below.

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  • Once Gboard is downloaded, make it your default keyboard (if you have multiple keyboards) and navigate through your Apps Screen and open it.
  • You will see a list of options to fidget. Select ‘Languages’, the very first tab.
  • This tab shows the languages installed on your phone. Tap on the ‘ADD KEYBOARD.’
  • You’ll be taken to a list of languages Gboard provides. So search for Hindi.
  • After selecting Hindi, you will get the above options. Select abc→हिन्दी, which lets you type in Hindi by simply typing English words for the Hindi language.
  • Once selected, open an app where you can type. You’ll see the default language, English in our case. Long press it.
  • You’ll see Hindi (abc→हिन्दी). Select it.
  • In the word suggestions, you will see some Hindi words, which means you are on the right track.
  • Start typing in English but the words should be meant for Hindi, the same way you type for Hinglish. It will automatically convert your English words into Hindi.

See our short presentation:

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