How to use dream vision pro VR headset with android

Virtual reality has been in the news since it has launched in the market of entertainment and gaming in the world. VR headset is made to give you a whole new adventure and fun with a feel of being there inside the scene.  

Dream vision pro is all you need whether it’s for playing the games or enjoying the virtual entertainment shows and discovering real-life sites with every features and specification at reasonably priced. You can check the review of Dream Vision PRO VR Headset on TechFuturae. 

About dream vision pro headset

Looking for an affordable VR headset is not easy in this competitive world is not an easy task, for that we’ve found the best reasonably priced VR headset. Take the virtual reality to great heights with all new dream vision pro headset. Comes up with Bluetooth remote, made long-lasting, sleek design style, comfortable to fit with you. It comes up with both Android and IOS operating system supported, dream vision pro is specially designed for giving you every aspect of the unreal world into your world of reality, to give you feel of being there in the scene while watching through the glasses.

Furthermore, dream vision pro has in-built controls for ease and a mic with ear buds, it also supports media navigation system with call featuring and volume control to give the all-new user experience.


• Multi-functional design- has every feature which another VR gives

Good Power back up- the long-lasting power backup is another key feature

Portable for everywhere- you can easily carry it to anywhere with safety and handy features

Works on both Android and IOS platform- gives you option to run any of android or IOS operating system

Built-in controls for volume and media navigation- has controls for volume and other contents

Made a comfortable and lightweight design- easy to set up and lightweight design

Also works for the people with myopia 600 or less- people who have myopia 600 or less can also use it

Magnetic control switch- the extra key feature which no other VR headset gives at this price range


  • Only a few apps available for this VR headset.
  • Durability.                 

Steps to use dream vision pro with Android

Before start using dream vision pro, make sure your Android device is compatible with the headset and supports Virtual reality.

  • Download and install the Virtual reality app for dream vision pros like google cardboard which helps you to set up you VR with your eyes and smartphone size.
  • Launch the app after installation and place your Android device in the VR headset with center line matching.
  • Set up the lens with your eye vision until you get the sharpest image view of the display.
  • Once you get the sharpest view and a full display is available you are done.
  • Enjoy the virtual reality experience with the dream vision pro. 

Final words

At last would recommend you to use dream vision pro for at least once, if you really need a full adventurous and action-packed Virtual reality headset at a reasonable price. Moreover, you get new features and a magnetic switch controls that no other VR gives at this price range.

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Hope you find the article helpful and came to some decision of buying the perfect VR headset in an affordable price range.

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