How to use Instant Apps on your Android device

If you are someone who loves to download various applications on your Android device, then you might have faced a situation when you have found a stunning app but after downloading you instantly realize it sure is a trash! As many of us get mislead with the detailed and eye-catching descriptions, larger to life images, and sometimes even with the reviews! But this isn’t a fault of anyone, as Android has so much to offer to its users. So with so many helpful or even not helpful applications, it is sure that you can’t get your hands from the “Install” option. If only there was a universal solution that would help users from falling in such clickbait traps! So, if you are whining about this, then stop right there! As Android devices do have a solution. And that is through Instant Apps.

You might have heard or even seen this feature on your status bar. As Google play store automatically keeps on updating the Instant Apps Feature. But have you ever tried it? If not, then Instant Apps is a great feature which perfectly sums up to its name. As the feature helps a user to try an application without first installing it! Yes, you read it right, no install, no download, no clickbait! Imagine how much time and data it will save. As you now no longer have to unwillingly download a large application without even knowing if it works perfectly or not. But, how to take advantage of this amazing feature? Well, by just following the steps mentioned below.

Note: Your Android smartphone or tablet needs to be running Android 6.0 Marshmellow or higher for this Instant Apps feature to work.

How to use Instant Apps on your Android device

How to enable Instant Apps on your Android device:

  1. Go to your phone’s setting menu and tap on the “Google” option. (Different smartphone models have this option under various categories).
  2. Next, under the “Services” category select the “Google Play Instant” option.
  3. Once done, tap the toggle on and read the instructions card (and the Play terms of services if you want to), then tap “Yes, I’m In”.

That’s it you are halfway there, as now you have enabled Instant apps on your smartphone.

But keep one thing in mind that not all apps have Instant app versions, at the current moment. So, if you don’t get your preferred application on the list, don’t worry the list keeps on updating.

Here’s a list of some popular apps that are available for you to try:

  1. Clash Royale
  2. Words With Friends 2 – Word Game
  3. Candy Crush Saga
  4. Onefootball
  5. BuzzFeed
  6. Jabong 
  7. Vimeo
  8. Viki

How to use Instant Apps on your Android device:

  1. The easiest way of using Instant apps is through the Google Play Store. So, open Google Play Store and search for one of the applications listed above. (Though you can search for other applications too, to check if they are yet available or not).
  2. Once done, you can now see a “Try Now” button just beside the “Install” option. Tap on the “Try Now button and that’s it your application will now get open without the need of installing.

If not on Play Store, you can also try this feature on your web browser too. Just search for a particular app and if it is supported by Instant Apps then you will get a Try Now option just above the app details. Click on the app and then select from the two options “Open App” or “Open in browser”. Tap on your preferred options and just like that, you can now try the app without installing it.

Here is a small collection of the apps that works perfectly fine with the Instant Apps feature. So click on this link for getting those applications.

So with the above steps, you can easily first enable the Instant Apps option. And then you can use that option to try the apps instantly without any downloads. If you liked the app then you can, of course, install it later on. But this feature is sure great for people who want to first try the app without wasting their data or memory space. As it not only saves time but helps to make the right choice.

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