How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic?

Quora is highly potential though Quora do offer only nofollow link. Not even dofollow. It does not pass any link juice. Still, Quora is considered an excellent source to drive referral traffic. In this article let me elaborate using Quora to generate more referral traffic to your page or website.

Indeed, nofollow links from such a well-established site are more exemplary. Other than link building, Quora ensures other four benefits. First thing is brand building, then connect with top influencers, further boost referral traffic and the last is anybody can access it easily.

I was wondering to notice that most of the digital marketing courses include Quora marketing as a module. Imagine how it emerges into the market. Today, let’s explore more about its traffic generating benefits.

Why is it essential to care about referral traffic?

Referral traffic is a Google’s term to denote the traffic source of a website from somewhere else (other than Google). You may be familiar with this referral traffic if you frequently use Google analytics tool.

People visit your page by clicking on your links placed on other sites. Here is a chart about various traffic sources of a website.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

Don’t you think 9.6% traffic through referral matters a lot? Now you dig Google analytics in-depth to know multiple sources of this referral traffic.

Now, why the big deal about referral traffic? What does it mean to a website?

Referral traffic enables you to diversify your traffic source. It is not smarter to rely on a single source. Google often comes with algorithm updates. Depending only on organic search traffic or anything might vanish. So you will have nothing with your traffic at that time.

Having additional sources of traffic is wiser. As we all know, most of the referral traffic comes from social media. Facebook claims the top priority in bringing visitors to your website. Similarly, multiplying your number of traffic sources guarantees for constant traffic.

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Next thing, as I said earlier; Quora do provide only nofollow links. However, it is immaterial from user’s perspective. It is just a signal to redirect users from one site to another. It is more than enough to bring target audience to your page or website. It does not need to be a dofollow.

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Moreover, the referral traffic would be your target audience almost. People are visiting your page, clicking a link from a site that is relevant to you. It means that user wants something from your page relevant to the topic. They tried to connect with you on something.

Referral traffic is the one which reduces your average bounce rate as much as good to have. Reducing dwell time is a positive sign for your SEO. Bounce rate and page loading are the crucial factors on which every webmaster or SEO analyst work tirelessly to reduce it.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

Let’s get into the subject, Quora.

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Knowing about Quora

I was admiring to see user’s engagement in Quora than any other Q&A platforms. Quora claims for around 190 million unique visitors a month. Don’t imagine that Quora might be a monetizing platform. It is not actually.

Quora is a well-popular question and answer site that establishes its excellence in connecting people. Users love to use Quora to interact and communicate with the public. Quora becomes a more comfortable and free platform enabling its users to ask questions and others to share thoughts.

Quora Highlights

Quora is a platform that is full of user-generated content. Every day, there will be thousands of new questions rising. The answers to those questions blast the content strength. You could see some trending or common questions will get around hundreds of answers. Every answer would comprise of hundreds and thousands of words.

Moreover, Quora is a great source to grasp more ideas for your blog posts content.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

Each answer under this question has average 500 words. Think about the page content length then. Moreover, you can also raise a request to distribute your questions to Quora users interested in your topic.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

Quora has its social sharing icons much accessible. Any Quora users can upvote, view, read, comment, downvote or share the answers with a single click. Depending on the upvotes and content length, answers are ranked.


Anyways, Quora is the best platform where it grabs users to get involved in their interests. User’s interaction level is immense in Quora. How to drive those users to your page or website? Let’s explore how to use this recognized platform – Quora to build your referral traffic.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic on your website?

Get started with Quora, if you have not yet. While signing up, Quora will ask about your areas of interest. By which, you can get feeds once someone puts relevant questions. In this section, let me share you the effective ways to bring massive Quora participants to your website.

Before getting into it, I would advise you to concentrate on few most significant things to do first. Have your profile more professional; include detailed profile summary linking to your website, follow as much as influencers and discussions on your topic or niche. Generate more followers with attractive answers and regular contributions.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

Find right questions that are worth answering

Just click on the “Answer” on the top right area and navigate through the results. Pick questions that are sorted out on your topic based on your areas of interesting topics. Another way, you can search for questions on your topic using the search box, “Search Quora.”

In case of searching questions on your topic, for an instant, I am using ‘Email Marketing’. Choose a page on that topic and have an analysis. Quora displays lists of questions on that topic. Furthermore, you can understand its value with followers, questions, most viewed writers, etc.

Obviously, you will have to choose a question that has more followers and gets more views. By way of answering the question improves your visibility. Popular questions are those trap the top position on any specific topic.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

How to answer on Quora to get more referral traffic?

There is no hidden secret uncovering to get popular on Quora. You have to write more and more in-depth answers. The way or strategy of presenting answers really makes sense in getting user engagement. Keep the below points in mind while answering to get more exposure on Quora.

  • Throw out your intention to place your links
  • Provide helpful answers to the users
  • Prefer step-by-step answers
  • Include images wherever necessary
  • Treat it as your blog post content
  • Place links to other related information

The number of questions you answer, more your credibility and visibility will be. Quora has more options supporting you to use more content formats for answering. Moreover, spread your answers among broader audience through social shares.

Placing relevant and informative links in your answer

It should be your least priority. Once, you are writing detailed answers; it becomes simpler to link to your blog page. It looks natural and provides value to the readers. But, don’t intentionally place links. To bring it to work better, have a look at below.

  • Choose the blog posts that you want to link to
  • Write more detailed answers providing value to the users
  • Pick right anchor text triggering users to click the link
  • Promote your answers among Social Media

Quora is not meant for links building. Quora users want answers; you are providing what they want. By which, you are gaining credibility. Besides, you are placing your relevant links adding more credits to your answers. You can achieve your secondary goals like brand building and get referral traffic.

Here are the quick tips placing your link

  • Place it only when necessary
  • Only one link per answer
  • Randomly place links (leave few answers even with no links)
  • Link to other sites too

Track performance in the form of referral traffic from Quora

With the above-said things in mind, apply in action and check the results through Google Analytics.

How to use Quora effectively to generate more referral traffic

Click on the Quora traffic and know which post or answer drives more referral traffic. As users are stimulated to visit your page clicking on your link, they would love to engage on your page your page (if it was really what they want). By this, the average time spending by a user on your website will be improving.

Moreover, those users are your target audience. You can easily stipulate that traffic to achieve your goal of the action, which refers to conversion.

Regularly contribute and interact with others

To generate decent referral traffic for a particular page becomes simpler now. For branding or to gain credibility or to reap the benefits for a long run; you have to be more consistent. Answering or following for few days and blushing off makes no sense.

Schedule and spend few minutes to an hour every day on Quora, build a network and get popular among networks. Moreover, you can create Quora blog. Through which establish your Quora profile’s visibility to reach a wider audience.

Over to you

The more valuable answers you write, more value you will gain. Most of the Quora users are there to explore something to take further action. Hence, those users come to you as referral traffic.

You may easily make them sign up on your page. With proper analytics, then you will discover that there is well-brought-up traffic or leads from Quora. Then Quora will be your major referral traffic generating source.

You don’t require spending money. Start exploring Quora features and get the benefits in the form of referral traffic. Take your website or blog performance to the next level.

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