How to Use Your Point of Sale System for Upsells

Upselling can turn a low-profit sale into a more profitable one, encouraging a customer to purchase either a more costly item, an add-on, or some other item to add to the monetary value of the sale. Your point of sales system can actually help you complete upsells, driving up sales numbers and giving your customers access to more products from your store. Here’s how to use your point of sale system for upsells.

Include Modifiers

Adding modifiers to the items in your POS software will give your staff the option to add them at the point of sale. This will act as a sort of pop-up reminder to your staff to upsell the item they’re currently ringing out. For instance, if you’re running a restaurant, and someone orders an entree, you can have other side dishes come up as modifiers that the server can then offer to the patrons.

With modifiers such as these, your staff won’t forget that precious upsell, as is often the case, especially in a busy environment such as a restaurant. Upselling is usually quite simple, as many upsells are simply items that add to the functionality (or taste) of the item the customer is already purchasing.

Pairing the Perfect Modifiers

Part of adding modifiers to orders is figuring out which items go best with each modifier. For example, with a salad, some great modifiers would be extra meat, add bacon, add cheese, etc. These go with a salad and therefore make sense to add as a modifier.

On the other hand, the wrong modifiers can completely botch the sale. If you’re selling steak and offer the customer ice cream as an add-on, they’re less likely to consider the upsell. Who wants ice cream with their steak?

Find the perfect matches for each of your items to maximize the possibility that the customer will consider the upsell. The perfect items can make the purchase all the more meaningful to your customer, and to your wallet.

Tracking Employee Upsells

Encouraging a little friendly competition among your staff can be an excellent motivator to increase sales and upsells. Not only will doing so encourage your staff to offer add-ons, but also motivate them to work harder for the sales, and thus increase the business’s cash flow.

You can offer just about anything as a prize to the customer who completes the most upsells or has the highest sales numbers; from vacation days, to gift cards or monetary prizes, to merchandise, the options are truly endless. Your staff will appreciate that their efforts are recognized and rewarded, and you’ll appreciate the extra sales at the end of the quarter.

Pictures and Detailed Descriptions

This is particularly useful for online vendors; the ability to show high-quality images of the items they’re selling, as well as a detailed description of what the product looks like. Have a picky eater in your restaurant or store today? Help them decide on a product (and add-on) by using your mobile POS system to show the detailed product profiles to the customer.

A picture is more likely to convince a customer to make a purchase than not. Customers like to see the items they’re purchasing, and in a restaurant especially, if your menu doesn’t have an enticing photo of every meal, showing your customers what the food will look like can be enough to convince them to make the purchase.


Along with your modifiers, you can include a prompt for your employees to work from that will appear on your POS screen when customers purchase certain items. Prompts such as: “I see you’re purchasing X item, would you be interested in adding Y item as well?” “Y” item will usually be a modifier or something that will make the product better or help its functionality.

These prompts will help your employees sharpen their sales script, which is vital to ensuring continued sales growth and helping the employee meet their sales goals. Sales are 90% how you talk to your customers, so it’s important to have a guide for your employees to follow when learning how to upsell.

Confirmation Displays

Yet another way to utilize pictures to upsell is via a confirmation display. Once the customer completes their order, you can show them a display that will say something along the lines of “confirm your order”, which will show them what they’re purchasing, the price, and include add-ons or modifiers in the sidebar.

This is especially effective in the restaurant business when your customer has finished the entree and is checking out. You can put a mouth-watering picture of your restaurant’s best dessert next to the confirmation display to urge them to have dessert.

This will also work in a retail environment, especially with items that require batteries. You can have batteries listed as “goes with this item” or something similar, so the customer remembers them as a must-have for the item they’re purchasing. Every little bit counts, and even if the only add-ons you have for the day are batteries, a dozen $5 packs of batteries has already made your store an extra $60.


Your POS system is perhaps your best tool besides your employees for encouraging customers to purchase those add-ons and boost the monetary value of the sale. Never underestimate the power of a good picture, and try out confirmation displays to ensure customers are getting exactly what they want.

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