How To Use Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse And A Keyboard To Control Your PC

Transferring data through a cable has become old school and while our phones and laptops are getting slimmer day-by-day, it will still be a mess to carry our table contents everywhere. There is a way to control your PC or Laptop from your smartphone wirelessly, without any hassle. This can be done by a smartphone and PC app combo, known as Unified Remote. This app connects to the server on the PC which makes your phone a controller-type device. If you are the one who likes to control your PC from the couch, this app will definitely meet your needs. This short tutorial will help you to learn how to use your smartphone as a mouse & keyboard to control your PC.

Download Unified Remote


How To Use Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse & Keyboard To Control Your PC

  • Download Unified Remote for your Windows, Mac or Linux and on your Android/iOS phone. Install the software on your PC with the right settings.

How To Use Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse And A Keyboard

  • Make sure to select Enable driver input simulation. This is a recommended setting. Unless you want to experiment, I strictly suggest following the software’s policy.
  • You can manage the app in the notification area by opening Manager from the notification area.
  • You don’t actually have to open the software on your PC.
  • To successfully operate this app, your PC and phone should be connected to the same server/WiFi network. It is imperative.
  • Open Unified Remote on your phone.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon and go to Servers. Connect to the right server.
  • Go back to the hamburger menu and tap on Remotes.
  • You’ll find a host of options that will connect your PC and smartphone effectively to work as one device.
  • Basic Input lets you control mouse and keyboard, either individually or simultaneously, as we do with our regular PC.How To Use Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse And A Keyboard
  • With File Manager, you can see the data of your PC.
  • Media lets you control the volume and play/pause of your PC
  • You should be careful with Power as with just one click, you’ll turn off or restart your PC.
  • While these features are enough for novice people if you want to take advantage of extra features, buy the pro version. It will cost you ₹270 (approximately $3.86).
  • Another prominent feature of this app is the Screen, which mirrors your PC’s screen onto the phone for easy viewing.
  • While navigating through any remote, notice there’s a host of controls at the bottom.
  • These options let you be in control of voice inputs, NFC Tags, media control (all premium), mouse and the keyboard at all times.
  • Also, if you plan on using this feature at night, we recommend you use the dark mode. Go to the hamburger icon, look for Preference > General > Theme.How To Use Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse And A Keyboard

The app can be confusing at the beginning but stick to it for a while and you will figure it out. If in case, you do not like this app, we’ve recently covered a list of similar apps, so check it out. Let us know about this short tutorial in the comments section below.




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