How to write SEO friendly blog posts on WordPress

Many bloggers get fail to deliver an acceptable blog post. The fact is writing is not as easy as optimizing your blog posts for search engines. You should always write blog posts keeping a layman in your mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to read.

If you would write a post just to improve SEO then you will never get a benefit. Readers, they come to read your blog post and if your blog post isn’t good enough to keep them interested, they would just leave. This will result in high bounce rate which is obviously not a good news.


It is said, “Content is the King”. Content should be unique, easy to read with no grammatical mistakes. To avoid grammatical mistakes you can use Grammarly. In order to write a good quality content, you need a great strategy.

In this post, I would like to share some great tips with you all that will make your blog posts more search engine friendly and will keep your readers interested till the end of your post.

Writing an Interesting blog post

What do you like? I mean if you love writing solutions then go for it. If you choose a topic which difficult for you to write then you will not be able to explain it properly. You should always choose a topic which is more friendly to you.

If your blog post is worthless then optimizing it won’t give a high ranking in Search results. Make a plan, think about your topic and design your post on the paper before you write it on WordPress editor.

Here are few points that will help you to write an engaging content.

1. Make a research and then write

Even if you know your topic very well, you should read other blog posts too. By reading other posts you may get an idea about the existing content on the internet and this will surely help you to write a unique subject matter.

You can mention all those unique points you know, I mean the points others have not mentioned in their post.

2. Write easy

Whenever you write a post, write for a layman. Explain your topic in detail without using complicated sentences and heavy words.

3. Give it time

Don’t write everything in a flash. Your site needs to be fast not you. Take 2-3 days or a week to publish your posts. This will increase your post’s level for sure.

It is much better to publish one great and interesting post than 5 boring and worthless.

4. Highlight Important points

Use headings to highlight the important points of your blog post. This will increase readability and will also improve SEO status.

5. Use Images, Videos or GIFs

Images are important for SEO. Sometimes, they are more helpful than 1000 creepy words. Use Images to describe your points and always use relevant images only.

6. Ask your friend to read your post

In my case, I ask my friend Prakhar to read the full post. It helps me to find my mistakes.

Before publishing your post, always let your friend or brother/sister read your post. Ask them whether they understood the whole concept of the post or not ? If there is any grammatical mistake, correct them.

I hope this will help you to write engaging blog posts.

Let’s assume that you have written an Interesting post, the next step is to optimize your blog post for Search Engines.

Let’s get started with the steps to optimize blog posts.

Optimizing Blog Posts

1. Post Title 

Always use the keyword in your post title and make sure your title doesn’t exceed the maximum requirement which is approximately 60-65 characters. Your post title should be attractive and not very complicated. By looking at your title the readers should know the main idea behind the post.

You can use Google Adwords keyword planner or Semrush to get the powerful keyword ideas for your blog posts. As Semrush is not free I will recommend you all to use Google Adwords : keyword planner even I use it.

2. Meta description & Keyword Density

At 3nions we use Yoast SEO plugin to optimize our blog posts.

Meta description plays a vital role in SEO and It should be attractive enough that readers couldn’t wait to click on it. The specified meta description should not be more than 156 characters.

How to write SEO friendly blog posts

Wikipedia’s Definition : Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a webpage compared to the total number of words on the page.

Keep Keyword density between 0.5 to 2.5% for each blog post you write and Avoid keyword stuffing. Using your keyword everywhere just to increase the Keyword density is a Bad idea as it makes your blog post difficult to read sometimes.

3. Image Optimization & H1, H2, H3 Headings

Do not forget to optimize the images you use in your post. Many Search Engines (Google) do not see images, they read the alternate text to find the images. If you optimize all the images on your blog post then it will bring more visitors to your site through Google Image search. Always place your keyword in the Alt text.

H1 headings are very bigger in size and by default, the post title has the H1 heading. You can use H2 and H3 headings to highlight the important points. As they are important from SEO point of view you should not ignore them.

Read : How to Optimize Images For Search Engines on WordPress ?

4. Internal and External Links

Interlinking is a great idea because if your old posts weren’t crawled before they can get crawled with this one. Internal linking makes your post more informative and interesting. Interlinking means linking to an older post of your website. This is the best way to remind readers about your older posts.

External links are the links that point to a different domain name. Many times what happens when you link to other they link back to you and that’s how you can get Back-links. Quality links are beneficial for every website if they want higher ranking in Search Engine Results pages.

5. Length of Your Blog post

Lengthy articles are likely to rank higher than the shorter ones in the search engine result page. Your post should contain more than 300 words but I would suggest write as per the post requirement. The length of your blog post really matters. When your articles are lengthy it is obvious to treat them highly descriptive

In the end do not skip Analysis of Content, you can call it as SEO status. Everything should be green (See the screenshot below )

How to write SEO friendly blog posts

Note : Avoid using stop words in your post title, permalink, etc. Stop words can be “and”, “a”, “to”, etc. In my case, I can’t remove stopword ‘to’ as “How to write SEO friendly blog posts” is my keyword. But most of the time I avoid using stop words.

Quick points to summarize the whole post  : 

  • Use keyword everywhere ( in the post title, tag, meta description, focus keyword, permalink, anchor text, etc. ).
  • Keyword density should be in between 0.5 to 2.5 %.
  • The length of a blog post should be more than 300 words (I always try to include more than 1000 words in my blog posts).
  • Optimize images i.e. Place your keyword in Alt text .
  • Interlinking : Best way to remind readers about your older posts.

That’s all. I guess now you know, How to write SEO friendly blog posts in WordPress.

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  1. Hi Satyansh Bro,
    Your writing skill is interesting. You used words so simple in this article, It’s good for me, because I’m improving my english. Thanks for share useful article.

  2. Hi! Could I consult you on something? What would you suggest for fiction posts?

    I do some of those, and in most situations, it’s impossible to SEO by Yoast standards. To do so would vastly compromise on the quality of the story. Also, it’s just weird to have headers in a story. Or be repeating the focus keyword in the title and all over.

    Any ideas?

  3. Such a great content Satyansh ! You have mentioned all the exclusive ways to write a perfect SEO friendly content for the blog. I loved your language (the way you write) skills. keep sharing articles like this. 🙂


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