This is How WhatsApp Makes Money


WhatsApp is the world’s largest communication media application. It is one of the effective communication networks across the globe. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton & Jan Koum both were ex-workers of Yahoo! Both of them are really not into the traditional ways of generating income by selling ads. Jan Koum once stated on WhatsApp that: “No one wakes up excited to see more advertising, no one goes to sleep thinking about the ads they’ll see tomorrow.” So, how does Whatsapp make money?

Today WhatsApp is available for free on play store. Earlier they used to charge around $0.99 for the subscription but they have also removed this thing and now WhatsApp is giving every service for free to its users. Moreover, the app is very much user-friendly because of the absence of ads in it. WhatsApp was grabbed by Mr Zuckerberg for around $19 billion while its annual income was about $10 billion. So, why he purchased it for the double price? Something must be there. But first let’s check out some amazing WhatsApp facts and figures:

This is How WhatsApp Makes Money
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WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users & 100 new users registering every day on WhatsApp. SO, this makes it a very powerful social media community.

  • WhatsApp provides us with best customer satisfaction because of their unique ads policies thus making it more popular than other social media apps.
  • WhatsApp was also considered the strongest competitor to the Facebook. This could be the reason why Mr Zuckerberg purchased WhatsApp at the very high bid.
  • WhatsApp has also added some new features, in fact, they have eaten other apps features. So, this has also reduced the revenue of other apps like Skype, we chat and much more.

How WhatsApp Makes Money

Mr Zuckerberg has many secret ways of generating income through WhatsApp. As you people all know now WhatsApp is connected with the Facebook. We share many things on WhatsApp whether we say messages, text, videos and many more things. Our all data is stored in WhatsApp database. So, from there WhatsApp engineers collect the data of every individual and predict the behaviour, likes, dislikes and many more things.

After predicting our behaviour they put ads on our Facebook profile according to our interests. This kind of data that is available on our WhatsApp is used widely on Facebook. Basically, WhatsApp is used as an information collection machine and Facebook benefits from this information.  SO, this is the very first way how WhatsApp generates money. This is a very smart way that WhatsApp has applied in order to generate money from its users.

How WhatsApp Makes Money

If we look at the second way, then the WhatsApp earns money by no earning. Let me clear your doubt, WhatsApp is providing free services to every user all around the world. Why are they doing so? They are doing this to increase the number of users on WhatsApp. What this thing will do, if in future WhatsApp provides its services for the very little price then also they will generate a huge amount of money from us because in future it will have a bunch of audiences running WhatsApp on their smartphones.

Simply just amazing. Isn’t it?

The third way is some sort of interesting way of generating money through very thoughtful, simple and easy. The third way is by using broadcasting. WhatsApp has an amazing feature called broadcast a message. So let us take an example, if any country wants to send some important information to its people then obviously they will try WhatsApp for that because every information about people on earth is stored in WhatsApp database. SO, they’ll approach Mr Zuckerberg to cast a broadcast message and he will not do it for free obviously. He will charge some money for broadcasting that message. This was just an example there may be much more people who definitely approaches Mr Zuckerberg for casting broadcasting messages.

Facebook has just crossed 2 Billion users on it recently and Mark is hoping the same for WhatsApp also. We people think that WhatsApp is generating no profit but all the above examples show how secretly the WhatsApp is making money. If this growth and secret methods continue like this, the WhatsApp will become one of the most profitable and popular communication media in the coming future. So, guys if you also have any point regarding how WhatsApp makes money then the comment box is always open for you people. You all can post your views on this topic. Stay tuned for more articles like this and till then enjoy the free services of WhatsApp.

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  1. Misleading and lots of misinformation!
    WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption. It means that all the things you share inside WhatsApp are heavily encrypted and not even the Founders can see the content. Only the sender and receiver of the thread can see. So there is no way for Facebook to see what you chat inside WhatsApp.
    The only data that Facebook can access is metadata which includes details like your phone model, carrier, contact details.
    WhatsApp can know your network i.e it can see the person with whom you chat but not what you chat.


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