Huawei to challenge Google Maps’ Dominance with its own Mapping Service

Huawei has phased out of the dark time the US and other firms gave it. After being banned from Google and other services, Huawei seems to be gearing up for its own services. Rumors came true when the Chinese manufacturer confirmed launching its own Android replacement OS. Now it seems that Huawei is gearing up for its own mapping services dubbed as Map Kit.

China Daily, a state-run news outlet has reported that Huawei is indeed developing a mapping service to challenge Google Maps but not the way you expect. The service will be intended for software developers. This means that other applications that offer navigation will be able to use Huawei’s planned mapping technology instead of building their own.

A Huawei executive said that it would support augmented reality mapping which won’t be available for direct consumer use. According to China Daily’s Daily’s source, the Chinese manufacturer will partner with Booking Holdings. But it is currently depending on Google Maps for its online travel services so it will be Huawei Map Kit’s consumers, not the data provider.

The report also suggests where Huawei will be getting its mapping data. The Map Kit will be connected to local mapping services. If a source is to be believed, Huawei will also partner with Yandex (Russian internet service giant) that already provides maps and offers a mapping services API.

To successfully compete with its rivals, Huawei will need to invest heavily as Google Maps has been in the business since 2005. To jog your memory, Apple has been offering its own maps since 2012 but it is still catching up to Google Maps. Another example would be Google’s Here Maps, which it offered for a few years before ultimately selling it to a few car companies in 2015.

Huawei also needs to tread carefully as the US government’s trade restrictions gave a huge blow which affected mobile sales in a way.

Map Kit will be launched in October. It will cover 150 countries and regions with availability in over 40 languages.


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