‘Indian Air Force: A Cut Above’ Launched by IAF

The Indian Air Force has launched a new game called Indian Air Force: A Cut Above which aims to intrigue Indian youngsters everything about the military. The game is available on both Android and iOS. It is free and does not include any in-app purchases. Delhi-based developer Threye Interactive, who has developed this newly launched game, had put forth a similar concept of gaming back in 2014. The game, titled, Guardians of Skies, has somewhat old-looking graphics is quite a joy to play.

As both the games are developed by the same developer, they give the same vibe, which isn’t bad. Seeing as they both are flight simulators, you get some real-life look into what IAF actually is. The newly launched game has 10 high-action missions which also allows multiplayer levels and dogfights.

IAF also tweeted about the game, which grabbed a few eye-balls.

Both games have similar graphic, performance, and gaming controls. The graphics aren’t changed which is the issue here as people who downloaded and played the game have reported that even though the game is intuitive, the graphics disappoint.

People on Twitter had some reactions. Bharat Misra, a gaming enthusiast, said “I really liked the interface, to be honest. It is really smooth, it runs well on my phone. I feel it is an entry-level simulation and I could play it for a good number of hours. In fact, I was quite hooked to it. The major drawback is, I think, the music, which is very reminiscent of elevator music. It is a big let down. I loved the way we could toggle camera angles. The cockpit is very detailed.”

Another gamer, Ambar adds, “The main focus of the game is realism. It is there to give us a perspective on what it’s like to be in the IAF. It is useful for anyone who wants to join the air force and get a feel for what it’s like to be there. Although there is a small consideration to be made here: the game might not emulate certain aspects due to concerns over security.”

Game developer Jaibeer Dugal has criticized the game. He said, “It seems like a team with few resources and with open-source availability did what they could to make a game that requires much more physics than it has. I understand the mathematics they used but it could deal with a bit more of physics. It seems like an advertisement more than a game. And if they are trying to improve it, a better graphics team could do some good”.

The game does give a layman an inside look into IAF despite its flaws.

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