Indian IT Minister advises tech firms to ensure user’s privacy

Indian IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has serious privacy concerns as he advised technology firms to protect user privacy and prevent abuse of their platforms, at a gathering organized by Google. This comes in line with the government on the verge of introducing a data privacy law that seeks to push firms to store more of their data locally.

Indian IT Minister advises tech firms to ensure user's privacy

The Minister wants Indians to have access to more technology but their privacy shouldn’t be sacrificed. “I have only one caveat – it must be safe and secure, it must safeguard the privacy rights of the individual and you must make extra efforts that people don’t abuse the system,” Prasad said.

1.3 billion Indians consume a lot of mobile data, which has led to the growth of US tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Foreign payment firms such as Visa Inc and Mastercard Inc are required to store their data locally. But, tech firms are of the idea that the government’s measures to encourage local data storage will eventually increase the investment costs.

Search giant Google’s new job search feature on its Google Pay platform is used by 67 million people in just a month. The feature, which competes with SoftBank, has backed Paytm and PhonePe.

In a move to equip more Indians to use its AI-based Google Assistant, Google has partnered with India’s top telecom operators, where over 300 million users still use 2G devices.


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