Instagram Launches New “Nametag” Feature

Finding people on social networking sites can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Because many times people use specific usernames to host their profiles. And those usernames can be totally different from their original real-life names. So, to tackle these issues and to make following people easier the Facebook-owned company Instagram has launched a new “Nametag” feature.

As Instagram is indeed a popular social networking site which has billions of users worldwide. It is a great app for sharing, discovering, posting, and for doing many such things. On this app, you can follow anyone you want from this big wide world. So, with so many users, the difficulty of finding the person you are searching for goes sky-high. So, this new “Nametag” feature will definitely ease those difficulties.

What is “Nametag” feature?

Nametag feature debuted by Instagram is like a customized identification card. It is designed to allow people to easily find someone else’s profile when it’s scanned through Instagram.

How does the “Nametag” feature work?

  1. Open and install the app Instagram
  2. Go to your profile and tap the button with three lines from the top right side corner.
  3. Select “Nametag” option.
  4. Now you can customize your Nametag with a color in the background, an emoji, or with your selfie with different stickers.
  5. Then you can save your Nametag image by tapping on the top of the screen and can share them with available options.
  6. And to scan someone’s Nametag you need to tap “Scan a Nametag” option from the bottom of the screen.
  7. Here you can either place someone’s smartphone below yours to scan their Nametag, or can either upload one from your gallery by tapping the top right corner.
  8. So, now the Nametag will load and will give you two options, “Follow” or “View Profile”. And if you are already following someone then you will only get a “View Profile” option.

Note: This feature also works even in your Explorers page, but there you won’t get any customization options.

So, with this new Instagram feature, the pain of finding someone on this huge social media platform will definitely get lower. As this “Nametag” feature will make your search a bit of streamlined when you want to add someone you’ve met in real life. Also according to Instagram, this new feature will be available globally in iOS devices as well as Android beginning today.

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