111+ Popular io Games List: Best io Games to Play Online

Probably, some of the best-known free web games out there are registered to .io. Well, who doesn’t like to play free games and that too when they’re available on a popular platform. That said, what exactly is this new gaming genre about? Let us take a quick look at its origins.

The .io domain is a mere country code top-level domain for the British Indian Ocean, similar to how India uses .in. and Canada uses .ca. io games are a genre, not a domain in particular and there are several games within .io that don’t have the .io domain attached to their name.

The games, here, are free to play, browser-based, casual games, and come equipped with a multiplayer component, very few mechanisms, and minimalist graphics.

Popular io Games List

What sets io games apart from other games is its simplicity and the resulting accessibility. No need to watch complicated tutorials, just pick a particular game and start playing it instantly. In your spare time, you can jump into the game, start eating other players, and dominate the virtual world.

io Games List

You might have heard of Agar.io and Slither.io, the most popular games under this genre. Well, there are a plethora of other new .io games that have successfully appealed to the modern gaming community and amassed millions of people. To acquaint you with all the popular io games available out there, we’ve aggregated a list of all popular io games down below in this article.

All Popular io Games List

  1. Agar.io
  2. Slither.io
  3. Gats.io
  4. Brutal.io
  5. Paper.io 2
  6. Warbot.io 
  7. Zombs.io
  8. Wings.io
  9. Hole.io
  10. Krunker.io
  11. Skribbl.io
  12. Mope.io
  13. Lordz.io
  14. Deeeep.io
  15. Raid.Land
  16. Krunker.io
  17. Skribbl.io
  18. Little Big Snake
  19. Shapez.io
  20. Litemint.io
  21. Shell Shockers
  22. Crowded City.io
  23. Superhex.io
  24. Stabfish.io
  25. Moomoo.io
  26. Brutal.io
  27. Evowars.io
  28. Bois.io
  29. Surviv.io
  30. Mope.io
  31. Craftnite.io
  32. Zombsroyale.io
  33. Snowball.io
  34. Flyordie.io
  35. Starblast.io
  36. Antwar.io
  37. Starve.io
  38. Boxz.io
  39. Lordz2.io
  40. Killer.io
  41. Brutalmania.io
  42. War brokers
  43. Ducklings
  44. Minigiants.io
  45. Tyran.io
  46. Devast.io
  47. Braains.io
  48. Castlesiege.io
  49. Smash karts
  50. Creatur.io
  51. Buildroyale.io
  52. Squadd.io
  53. Krew.io
  54. Shootup.io
  55. Rugby.io
  56. Defly.io
  57. Sea Ride
  58. Bigmonsterz.io
  59. Ninja.io
  60. Aquapark.io
  61. Oceanar.io
  62. Kugeln.io
  63. Warscrap.io
  64. Gunzer.io
  65. Black Hole.io
  66. Snow War.io
  67. Robostorm.io
  68. Nightpoint.io
  69. Swordz.io
  70. Tanksmith.io
  71. Hordes.io
  72. Yorg.io
  73. Blocktanks.io
  74. Foes.io
  75. Noob.io
  76. Drednot.io
  77. Raaaaft.io
  78. Gats.io
  79. Poweline.io
  80. Wormszone.io
  81. Seadragons.io
  82. Junon.io
  83. Trapz.io
  84. Crazysteve.io
  85. Magicbombs.io
  86. Wanderers.io
  87. Stolk.io
  88. Copter.io
  89. Doblons.io
  90. Relmz.io
  91. Doomz.io
  92. Dynast.io
  93. Throwz.io
  94. Witz.io
  95. Spaceguard.io
  96. Gunbox.io
  97. Tileman.io
  98. Slush.io
  99. Traitors.io
  100. Germs.io
  101. Drawar.io
  102. Doomed.io
  103. Blastarena.io
  104. Hexar.io
  105. Gulper.io
  106. Fightz.io
  107. Aquar.io
  108. Kize.io
  109. Boas.io
  110. Gifthunter2.io
  111. Tricksplit.io
  112. Limax.io
  113. Battlefields.io
  114. Tetrads.io
  115. Bruh.io
  116. Wilds.io
  117. Gallons.io
  118. Speedboats.io


What was the first .IO game?

Agar.io developed in 2015 by Matheus Valadares was the first .io game. It was released on the internet forum 4chan and instantly became successful. 

What is Krunker Io rated?

Krunker .io’s self-awarded age rating is 8 years old. It’s online “Information for Parents” states, “Your child should always be honest about his age.” 

Do Io games cause viruses?

The desktop version of the Slither IO game might be dangerous and contain suspicious files. You’ll end up with spyware on your system if you install a wrong one, so check your file properly before you install it. 

What is the highest score ever on Slither io?

The highest score ever on Slither io is 91K.


This is what we consider to be the best of the available io games. Hope you found our list of all popular io games interesting. Which one of the above-mentioned io games are you going to play on your device? Are there any other io games you would like us to incorporate in the list? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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