iOS 13 bug makes Fortnite and PUBG unplayable

Apple eventually rolled out the iOS 13 for the iPhones and iPads. But as is it with any new upgrades, some bugs show up which ruins your experience. So if you are someone who is not able to play Fornite or PUBG on your iPhone/iPads running iOS 13, blame the bug that has been doing so.

iOS 13 bug makes Fortnite and PUBG unplayable
Image Source: The Indian Express

iOS 13 has a new set of text-editing gestures which makes Fortnite and PUBG Mobile unplayable. The said gestures can be activated by pressing three fingers at the same time on the iPhone screen. It lets the users bring up commands such as undo, copy and paste. Both the games being shooters, they require players to use their three fingers to be in contact with their screen. Two fingers are used to move the character and controlling the camera, while the third finger comes in handy for firing the weapons.

So the problem is that every time users use three fingers touching the display simultaneously, the text-editing gestures pop-up. But iPhone users can take a sigh of relief as the developers of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, Epic Games and Tencent respectively, have confirmed the problem. In fact, Tencent has even added an in-game notice that will notify the users about possible interruptions to due to the gesture features on iOS 13.

Unless and until Apple itself fixes the issue, there isn’t a fix for this problem. A simple solution as of now is to restore your iPhone to an older previous iOS 12 version.


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