iPadOS to let users Resize App Icons on the Home Screen

Apple had announced the iPadOS which solely caters to iPads, which until the announcement used to run on the iOS. The new OS has tonnes of new features that adjust to the size of the iPad a user owns. Apple’s iOS 13 beta allows users to resize app icons on the home screen. More technically known as grid layout customization, the latest update is only available in the fifth beta of iPadOS.


Currently, this new feature won’t make its way onto the iOS 13 for iPhones, as of now. Also, when iPad OS was introduced it came with a 6 x layout as a part of its new design language. Users can now revert back to the original layout through the app icon resizing setting. This will let users customize the number of columns on the home screen, and to do so, they will have to choose between 4×5 and a 6×5 layout. Apple labels them as ‘bigger’ and ‘more.’ The text below this option suggests that users can only switch between 20 and 30 apps on a single screen for the time being. A future update could bring in more apps to switch from.

This is the first-ever instance where Apple has jumped on the bandwagon of customization, which is the forte of its nemesis Android. Although Apple has a long road to walk when it comes to customization, we need to hand it to them for making an age-old jailbreak feature an official option on iOS.

Other updates in the new iOS beta include the addition of Shortcuts to the iOS Share Sheet which makes way for fast access, some fresh new wallpapers, and a detailed volume control options that takes the number of volume levels to 34.

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