iPhone 11 OLED Displays Expected to be Same as Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Apple might launch new iPhones on September 10. The report suggests that iPhone 11 could use the same OLED Displays as Samsung Galaxy S10’s. Another report says Apple is going to launch three iPhone 11 models this year. The name of the three iPhone 11 models are going to be iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro variants will be using the M9 materials for OLED displays. Apple and Samsung are sharing common display made up of M9 material. It will be depending on Samsung Display to supply the OLED panels for the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is however not clear why Apple is no longer using a different set of materials. Apple is trying to reduce costs wherever possible which is indeed a great wonder.

Apple relies on Samsung for OLED displays because no other company can produce OLED displays to an extent Samsung does. The iPhone XS and XS Max have a pixel density of 458ppi each. According to the report, the new iPhone 11 XS models might have a triple rear camera setup at the back while the iPhone 11 will have a dual rear camera setup. It is also believed that the iPhone maker will introduce bigger batteries.

Known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also suggested earlier that the upcoming iPhone models would be equipped with reverse wireless charging.

It is rumored that all three iPhone 11 models will be launched simultaneously. The screen performance of iPhone 11 models will, therefore, be the same as Samsung’s premium Galaxy S10 and Note 10 devices. The three iPhone 11 models are however going to grab everyone’s attention as they feature some really exciting specifications.


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